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August 12, 2007


Happy birthday Sue!
Danny, your pix saved to "My Pictures" make the most cosmic screensaver ever!
Looking forward to seeing you in the flesh in Chicago although I'm not sure it can top your digital presence.

Sue, Happy 50th!!!!

Danny, I hope you all have a great time celebrating with your sister and family. Sure sounds like it is going to be delicious! I haven't been to Superdawg in years, but I remember how good it is. Just think, in a couple more years we will be celebrating our 50th..OY!

P.S. Are you staying long enough to go to the "reunion picnic" that Shawn is hosting next Saturday?

Happy Birthday to your sister. I absolutely love your old photos. Your sister looks a lot like your mom. Lucky her.

The low carb sausage crusted pizza at Lou's saved my life (and diet) during my former years as a Chicagoan and SuperDawg was the first place my sister, although not directly from O'hare, wanted to be taken when she came for a visit as well! I'm sure you already know this, but Portillo's opened up a location in the Anaheim area, which after reading this blog, I'm tempted to call my own sis and see if she wants to make the hike out there from Hollywood today. Once again, the Danny Miller power of suggestion has just made this Jew painfully aware, that she has not eaten yet :-) Nothing better than spending a birthday with your sister! I know this first hand as sis and I went to see Wicked at the Pantages for hers this year...You two have a grand ol' time eating your way through Sweet Home Chicago!

Dearest Sue,
You were a darling baby, an adorable little girl and now a beautiful woman in her prime (I consider 40-80 prime time). Thank you, Danny, for your ongoing, witty and wonderful saga of your life and times. I love sharing your life, past, present and future.
To be continued...
Your loving mom-in-law

Happy Happy Day!
A hearty congratulations, Sue! Kind regards and very best wishes!

I'm sure you are booked up (and really hope you all weren't at Share Shabbat on Friday, I forgot and showed up at 8PM) but if you have a second, let's get a coffee and talk blog!

These photos are so great! I especially love that last one with those pigtails. (Not to mention, yum, the fruit salad in those parfait glasses looks delicious.)
Happy birthday, Sue. I hope my little brother admires me even a smidge as much as Danny loves you.

Happy Birthday, Sue! Hope Spencer had a good time at Beber! Gabe loved him and was awed by his drumming abilities.

Love the pictures! You were hawt!

Enjoy Chicago, it's one of the few places I have not been that I really want to see.

Oh and by the way, I've changed my blogger name and address. Still me though!

I'm sure you'll figure out who this is. ha.

Happy and healthy #50, Sue! I hope to meet you when you are in San Diego for the concert. I feel I know you through Danny and BOC.
Danny, enjoy your stay in Chicago...don't forget to walk off all the food!


Happy birthday, Sue. Cherish the memories of days gone by -- Danny does a great job of cherishing them with us. Personally, I love the top right photo of the two of you.

Happy Birthday to your sister. Judging by the photos, it looks like you enjoy each other's company very much. I really like looking at family photos like these, what is that quote about halcyon days?

Happy birthday Sue,
life begins at 50...
\hope you're all having a great celebration in Chi town..
Danny, you were just down the block from my home in soho last week...we were in \philly and wash dc...did you try their chocolate bread at Balthazar_ my personal favorite...not too good with eggs though...

using a library computer, and having lots of trouble with this keyboard..sorry

Happy Birthday Sue,

I remember the first time I met you with Danny in Chicago. You have always been so gracious and kind to me. I loved turning 50 and my 50's have been wonderful so far. I just turned 52 on August 10th. I loved seeing you at the wedding and hope our path cross again soon.

Much love,

Happy Birthday Susie!
From a fellow Leo.
It was love at first sight for the two of us.

Fake Grandma Elaine

Happy Birthday, Sue! We hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Danny I think there might be a 3rd person missing in that bed with Sue and you.
Whatever happened to him?
Love your blog

My brother gave me a pack of Old Maid cards for one birthday. After reading your blog, I guess it's a brother's job to torment his sister on her birthday.

Happy birthday, Girl Miller!

And Danny, I yam more of a Pizzeria Due's gal, but Malnati's is no slouch, either.

And also, both of you guys look HAWT in them photos.

Happy birthday Sue!! i know i'm a little late. i should have done 4 meals in 3 hours (malnati's...wunnerful...) for my birthday on august 11th. great photos, love them. i'm sad i'm moving from chicago to LA, but i'm sure i'll see you sometime...

Happy Birthday again, Sue. Like I told you 3 years ago, I thought you were around 28 when I saw the first picture of you, and I still stick to that.

Thanks for unknowingly giving me the courage to marry someone more than a decade younger than me, as I told myself "if she can do it, I can do it too!" ;)

And thanks for all your incredible kindness.


Your comments on the pictures made me laugh.
Hope your sis had a happy birthday and will celebrate many more!

Kinda Funny Connection,
Hi Sue, I am the current owner of the West End Music West End Dental. I was approached recently for an interview on the history of the space and found out for the first time about your connection to it. I was following some links and got here. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and remember, flossing is even more important as we mature!
Dr. Fiore
You can check out West End Dental at it's Facebook page. You might get a chuckle or two out of it.

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