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August 21, 2007


God, how I love these posts of yours.

It's funny how skewed our perceptions can be.

I would love, love, love to be able to hear my mother's voice again. I don't know if I could handle hearing my own as a child, though.

Thank you. You have caught the joy and delight of rummaging in the family archives. And you may right in your analysis. It seems like a kid who went through a childhood of suffering would look at those family relics like they were a snake, not a treasure. And you see their treasure-ness.

Personally, I love coloring even today, and I am 33. I love these posts, so don't apologize for them -- I can't wait to find out what else you've excavated.

The only tape I have of myself and my brother is of us reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" aloud and playing Christmas songs on the piano between chapters. It was a present for our Great-Grandmom and I guess we got it back after she died. It's pretty cute. We had southern accents because we lived in NC at the time, but I guess we lost them when we moved "home" to Baltimore in 1987.

For various reasons, I'm following this thread with interest and empathy. I don't know about watching the 8-mm films. Hmm . . . When my relatively "new" sister-in-law thougtfully converted some from the same era for us at a family reunion (without consulting anyone first) about seven or eight years ago my mother's reaction upon seeing 1950s footage of her biological father was positively venomous and I was the only one (i.e., "the oldest") who seemed to know/remember why.

This is a period of my life (the very same years but in a different town that looks strikingly similar) that I don't generally care to re-visit and don't have audio tapes to recall from . . . nor do I possess the photos or 8-mm. That's all with my "bro" in Colorado as far as I know. Nevertheless, it's been a good experience to think about from your perspective and I am appreciating your insights thus far (for *my* future writing projects, eh?).

Your Pittsburgh reader.

"I wish I could jump into the frame and get to know this young couple."

Danny, what an interesting remark; I'm sure you equally would like to somehow zap back in time and befriend the kid that you were.

Many times I've thought it would be neat to somehow "meet and greet" my childish self and see if I would like her.

Keep bringing on those photos -- and memories -- Danny!

I agree with Pearl. Sometimes when I do see photos of me and my two younger siblings as children I wish I could "jump in" and
be-friend/help us.


excellent insights... or fantasies. doesn't matter to me. all interesting, very real to me. and evocative of my own mixtures and concoctions about what was... and maybe, what is.

I find it fascinating to reflect on childhood, from the viewpoint of an enlightened adult. I've generally remembered a happy childhood with some unhappy events. In recent years as an adult when I've looked at an overall view of those years, I've wondered why I wasn't a lot more unhappy than I thought I was. I certainly had plenty of reason to be so. Guess that sounds strange. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience.

"the possibility that some of my memories of deep childhood angst have been radically colored by my adult perspectives."
Exactly what I am dealing with in today's blog post. I assumed that my memories were accurate, but a reader who I respect posited that they are colored by what I'm going through now. I don't know. If you get a chance to read my blog, let me know what your take is.

Little Danny was right. Everyone in the world colors!

Heh. My mother sprung one of those on me before she died, a cassette tape from a trip from Denver to Tucson that I narrated as part of a home-school project. We listened to it once and the next time we tried it snarled hopelessly, my 10-year-old voice lost as quickly as I had regained it. Powerful stuff, sounds.

Why is it that my parents in their early twenties seem more adult than I do in my late forties?

I once cracked my dad up -- I must have been in my 30s -- by saying, "You know Lauren Bacall in 'To Have and Have Not'? She was nineteen -- and she was older than I'll ever be!"

I love the way you look back at childhood with an adult, honest, pespective. Not sure I'd have the guts to blog so openly about my childhood and family. Maybe... One day...

I had this childhood neighbor "Nicole" who according to my mother, refused to play with me. When my mother inquired as to my specific offense, she very adamantly stated that she disliked me as I "didn't color inside the lines". Hopefully a young Danny Miller would have shown a higher degree tolerance as although everyone in the world does color, not everyone colors inside the lines :-)

Danny, every time I see old pictures of your Mom and Dad, I could only plotz (especially of "My Judy") I have to tell you my father passed away out here in Az where we now live, and we buried him back in Chgo, the Old Jewish Waldheim Cemetery, to be near my Mother, who we lost 29 years ago,while I was working at the mart with your Mom and Nancy, anyhow, I was telling Leon how every Friday my Dad would call me at work and Judy would tell him to remember and pick up a challie for me...and how I wish I could talk to your Mother about my Dad s passing...They really liked each other, (who didnt like your Mother?) and my dad was a fabulous guy (the last of the Old West Side crew) Danny I love you and your sister and brother and I miss Judy so, so much....marsha

Love it. Keep those retrospectives coming. The photos are divine.

Very neat. Isn't it so much fun to go through old photos and videos and relive things that you have forgotten about?

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