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August 18, 2007


What an open and honest look into the why's and wherefore's of your Self! I love these posts of yours the best! I can certainly identify with the challenges of being with family members we love so well and yet the environment, past roles and myths lock us into our childhood pasts and press all those buttons that have us jumping up and down like an out of control marionette.

The photographs accompany your tale perfectly. I love how you said: "My behavior forced me to realize that we weren’t fighting about “stuff” at all, it was more a desperate desire to hold onto a past that that no longer exists." It reminds me how my son spent this past week with me and asked to see photos of me when I was 34 (his age). He looked at them long and hard, nostalgically, his eyes filled with tears. When he left I noticed the photos had gone with him.

Danny, another great post! I can relate to this one very much. Sounds like you are having a really nice, where did you end up going for dinner with your dad? LOL!!

Good luck trying to break those patterns. I don't think I ever will. My siblings and I revert back the minute we're together. Wouldn't it be nice to be above that someday?

Excellent recap of the tales I tell when I return to ground zero -- early family scene in nyc. Reading your post brought smiles and sadness, and the thought that getting completely "cured" of the nuttiness is hopeless. Nothing to do but guard ourselves against our selves, watch the clock lest we overstay our ability to experience the visit without severe aftershock, and self-talk, self-talk, self-talk. Good for you spilling it out and moving on, back to your home of today, your family of today, and your adult self of today.

Ah, but dinner last night was good, right?!

Wonderful post and archival material. And great to see you, Sue, Kendall, Leah, Spencer and Sammy, too.


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