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August 02, 2007


Danny, I think there's extra hair in there, unless she had inordinately thick hair. Sue looks a lot like your mom.

Danny, my parents would of been married 52 years and my moms hair looked exactly like your moms! It was defintiely the style back then!! Maybe they went to the same beauty shop, it's possible!

Loved this post, Danny, especially the comment about your mother's contribution to the destruction of the ozone layer. I do have some photos of my mother from the late 1950's and early 60's, and I just love the clothes she's wearing on them.

My parents were married for 50 rather unhappy years, my father passed away just a few months after that anniversary. My mother remarried on her 81st birthday, she is now close to 86, and her husband just turned 94. Her second marriage is extremely happy.

Your mom...what a TEASE!

I'm guessing she'd been to the beauty shop that day, having had her hair set in big rollers, with lots of pincurls and teasing assigned to that head of hair. I can't imagine that she slaved over that look herself...or maybe she did.

I love that photo. My mom had all those weird hair pieces too. In the early seventies, she even had some weird frosted wig thing. Even back then, we teased her about how much she teased her hair.

I can see you in both of them.

Salmon's usually a good wedding party color, but for sure is still in for the sweater set crowd. And a good brooche? Wonderful, timeless (get your hands on the one she's wearing,NOW).

They both seem happy there, right? Thank G-d for pictures.

Your mother was very beautiful indeed! Salmon becomes her :-)

Beautiful post and love all the pictures. Blessings to a beautiful family, in all of its iterations.
The picture is reminding of the new show Mad Men that I am obsessed with, but then, considering the meaning of the word obsession, why wouldn't it?

yes, i ditto previous commenters -- salmon is still in (i am not sure it was ever not in). i don't see lucy-desi look-alikes. this team is more attractive. so nice that you have the picture, are sharing, and that the rest of us are enjoying. some chords have been struck.

your mum is so pretty and has such life and sparkle in her eyes- i can definitley see that your sister and her children favor her- i truly enjoy reading your posts- the archives of photographs take me back to my own childhood and remind me of the look and feel of that era

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