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August 25, 2007


Long long time reader and Wilco fan -- Too bad you weren't in Portland. I love meeting bloggers. My husband and I drove three hours to Portland to see them on Wednesday and I have to say, it was one of the best shows we've seen this decade (and we travel for music all the time). We've seen Wilco a few times and it was just magical for us esp when he gave a shout out to Breedlove Guitars (built in our hometown of Bend, OR). Wish him happy birthday from his biggest fans in Bend.

Danny: we loved seeing you guys -- I'll be posting pictures at True Ancestor as soon as Middle Daughter helps me understand the mysteries of our new digital camera.

It was well worth braving the downpour to meet the Miller Tribe last week! Can't wait to see you and Kendall on your next trip.

is this the same danny miller that went to peterson and von steuben h.s. if so contact mark peeples at [email protected] would love to hear from you

Danny - The show last night at the Greek in Berkeley was fabulous. We always get a great show in S.F., and we try to give the love right back. (In fact, Jeff declared from stage last night that S.F. has traditionally been the band's strongest supporter, although he probably tells that to all of the cities ;-)

In any case, I figured someone must be turning 40 this weekend because we got 40 "nothin's" to end "Misunderstood".

Enjoy your shows! To appreciate a tour, you really do have to see multiple shows, but it's not in the cards for us this year.

With much appreciation for your blog,
Mary Maguire in Sonoma County, CA

Ah Danny - Timing's a fickle mistress, eh? I'm going to be in Chicago for a week right after Labor Day - first time in almost three years - funny thing was, I was watching the Cubs game the day of the storms/tornados (they were playing in San Francisco) on WGN and they kept breaking in for weather bulletins (Tom Skilling is STILL their weather guy, and, aside from a few extra pounds, looks EXACTLY the same as he did in the 70s, when he did those exact same weather bulletins). I called my folks to make sure they were ok, and my mom said it went from sunny and cloudless to black and raining buckets just a couple of minutes before I called.

But you're right about Chicago weather and mixed emotions. I've seen about as much snow, ice, and thunderstorms growing up in Chicago as I ever care to again, but living in the Seattle area now, it turns out that rain can in fact get a tad depressing when it approaches it's fourth consecutive month.

Two corresponding jokes: "Chicago has two seasons: 'Winter, and Construction.'" And,"How do you know when summer's coming in Seattle? The rain gets warmer."

Sorry for co-opting your brother-in-law's birthday message blog, but I'm severely focused on my Chicago trip, and was sorry to see that I will just have missed you guys there too. Happy Birthday Jeff (who I've never met), and to Sue too (who I have, but a long time before either of us was pushing fifty)

Happy Birthday to Jeff Tweedy!

I miss Chicago a lot too. Of course, it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive for me.

I'm glad you all made it safely back to California.

People survive past 30? Tell me more.

Happy Birthday Jeff,
I also celebrated my birthday on August 25.
Next year we should get together with some other cool people who share our birthday.
Elvis Costello
Gene Simmons
Rob Halford
Sean Connery
Tim Burton
Rachel Bilson

and there are many others...

I just dicovered your blog via Pearlies Of Wisdom. She didn't mention the Jeff Tweedy connection. I am a fan. I came in a bit late, perhaps, at the time of YankeeHotel Foxtrot and the film I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, (both of which riveted and touched me).

Maybe I'll meet you at a concert one day.

Thanks for taking the time to blog. I enjoyed visiting your site!

We flight attendants slip in a 9-11 reference here and there in attempts to keep our passengers compliant. Commercial travel in general has everyone (including the crew) stressed out and misbehaving long before anyone boards the aircraft. It might be time for a new gig :-) Like you, I adore our So. Cal weather, but nowhere could ever beat out my beloved Chicago for "Best City Ever"! I'll be at the Greek Theater tomorrow and was lucky enough to get Leno Tickets for Thur. I'll keep an eye out for my favorite Slice of life, Bar Mitzvahed David Sederis-esque blogger and Happy 40th to one of my favorite singer/songwriters!

What a beautiful blog entry about a beautiful man, his stunning wife and gorgeous kids.

I agree with Danny about Chicago having a lot more to offer than LA. I spent 4 days in Chicago in October 2004 for the 3 Auditorium Shows, and l-o-v-e-d every minute of the stay. The people, the buildings, the atmosphere, even the weather which changed exactly 78435687 times whilst I was there :p Spent some - luckily short - time in LA last year for our honeymoon, and loathed it. Just as artificial/superficial as I thought it would be.

San Francisco is my favorite place in the world though, and we're longtermn-planning to emigrate there/close by (please let green cards fall from heaven :(!).

Again, Happy Birthday Jeff, virgos are the best ;)

Enjoy tonight! Expect an extra hug via Neil from me.

And Dunja is right, Virgos are the best. Ahem Friday.

Danny, somewhat off subject...
I'm now working on contract at an educational publisher, being a production editor for higher-ed books. I was double- checking permission rights, etc. for a book and spotted something in the last edition: a picture of your bro-in-law and a caption and description of Wilco's success in a non-traditional sort of way. It was interesting to read!

Just started reading your blog (love it) and I came across this post randomly.
I remember that storm vividly! I live near Evanston and was trying to pick up my sister from swim practice. I only had to drive about a mile and it took me an hour to get to her...downed trees and flooded streets everywhere. Our power was out for two days. I had totally forgotten about that entire evening until I came across this post. As wild as that night was, I can't help but love the unpredictability of the Midwest's weather.

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