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August 11, 2007


Right, so I live here (well, 12 miles west in Jersey) and I don't get out nearly so well.
I did have the joy of seeing Spring Awakening this week... I see a show like... never. And this was everything good about theater all rolled into one.
Glad you've had a nice visit, and that the weather gave you some gorgeous!

Happy Birthday to your sister, Danny. Welcome to the 50's club. Best years of my life, it seems!

P.S. I can't believe you are/were just down the road aways! But thrilled with your reviews so that I know what to choose when I am "in town."

Although I just moved from your native Sweet home of Chicago to your current neck of the woods in L.A., I am a native New Yorker and was just "home" for my dad's birthday a few weeks ago. My sister and I saw "Grey Gardens" right before it closed and boy am I glad we did. I was never that keen on the documentary, but the lives of the two Eddie's translated beautifully as a Broadway musical...Who Knew??
Have fun in Chicago and say hello to my former adopted city, which I will always love and long for, despite having to say goodbye a year ago this month...Happy Bday to your sis :-)

Sounds like a wonderful exciting trip Danny...And do say a HAPPY 50th BIRYHDAY to your sister....! Sometimes I miss going to the theatre sooo much, it hurts! Would have loved to see both these plays....!
Enjoy Chicago!

It isn't just your California blood. We pulled out our comforter the other night. I'll never forget my first trip to New York, this exact same time of year. It being August, I'd only brought one pair of jeans with me, and no jacket or sweater or anything. By the time I left, those jeans could have walked themselves home. And Martha Plimpton is one of my all-time favorites. Glad to hear she's also a nice person.

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