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July 27, 2007


Danny...after reading this I am getting hungry. I think I will hop on a plane to LA and visit all these places that sounds so wonderful. I think chicago has great food, but some of these places sound so yummy!

I would love to celerate with a donut, but all of our good donut shops went the way of the buffalo. Sigh. I don't miss living in a big city, but I do miss the food.

Awesome!!!!!!!! Maybe that's too many exclaimation points but, Awesome!!!! This post has made me want to move away from my culinary outpost where the motto is, "when in doubt just barbeque it." Could le Pain Quotidien possibly duplicate my mother's expert soft-boiled egg? It seems so. I just had lunch at Boston Market, what the hell was I thinking? Never ever again! And then I come back to read this post. Seeth seeth seeth.

Oh my gosh, you're going to lure me back to L.A. sooner than I'd planned with all this talk of food, Danny. Except for this part: "you feel like you’re eating a chicken’s late-term abortion" -- gross! Let's hope I can get that out my mind the next time I have an egg.

I've never been to L.A. But I have had lunch at one of the Le Pain Quotidien locations in Manhattan... I am now tempted to get up early and go there for an egg. (Eggs are like among my favorite things. Ever.)
Thanks for the craving inducing entry.

What a great post! I love reading (and thinking) about food.

Phillipe's French Dip is one of my favorite places on the entire planet, partly due to the fact that besides the fantastic, inexpensive meats on buns and the yummy hot mustard, they also have a stellar wine selection at very reasonable prices. Seriously! It's a bit more than the coffee, however.

Danny, you should write a guidebook about this stuff! Then you can write off all your meals. :)

I've only been to 4 of your 10 places. Why do you hate me?

That was a seriously fattening Blog. Oh well, back to the diet!

Perfect timing! I'm going to be in L.A. Aug. 1-5 and will check out at least one of your faves. Donuts seem to be making the biggest noise.

strange i am going to la on friday.

my favorite is "super mex" in long beach. mmm cant wait for some chicken fajitas!

i will let you know when i recall the other restaurant i like but cant remember at the moment.

Yes, this post makes me feel like flying to L.A. this very minute. Le Pain Quotidien's soft boiled eggs get my vote. Soft boiled eggs are one of the comfort foods from my childhood. I love them!

HMMM...making me hungry....and to think i left my home in manhattan where i was three blocks from a le pain quotidien and never had their soft boiled eggs....for the country life of the sullivan country catskills summer...
do you know of any good reståurants in philly or wash dc..planning three days next week for a trip..anyone know?
must try pinkberry when i go back to nyc..i hear they're opening in my soho neighborhood...i love frozen yogurt but will have to settle for my ben and jerry's pints til then..

Very cool. I gotta save this for when I visit L.A. again.

Oh Danny, when are you going to write your book on the social history of L.A.? You are a hell of a writer.

Why Oh Why do I enjoy your blog as I do?? After an 11 day carbohydrate Free For All and inability to button the last pair of pants I've actually been able to lately, I decided to check in with the one and only Danny Miller's "Jew Eat Yet?"-laugh out loud, slice of life accounts..And Eat yet he did!! Thanks a lot Danny Miller (insert sarcastic tone here). I'm just West of Hollywood and La Brea and can easily blow my first day of Atkins induction to indulge in any one of the menu items detailed on your top 10 list. Thanks to you, I now have to hide my car keys :-) Ok, time to go cut another block of cheddar cheese into cubes and visualize that large cup of Pinkberry with the coconut and strawberries on top right out of my salivating head. Healthy- Perhaps...low in carb..unfortunately no. DAMN YOU Danny Miller..DAMN YOU:-)

Danny, I love this and the previous post. As others have said, you're a great writer. I always laugh when I read your blog. I haven't tried Pinkberry yet, so I'll have to take your word for it that something that tasted so unpleasant at first could cause an addiction. When I was a kid, and my family went to DuPar's for lunch or dinner, I used to order French dip there. I liked it, but Philippe's French dip sounds more appetizing.

Danny, Bubbie, My Pyschic Twin of All That is Good and Groovy.... Only you will understand how deeply ironic this post is for me! Brilliant, as usual, but I will slightly quibble with avoiding everthing except breakfast on the DuPar's menu. One exception...The chiken salad sandwich on grilled raisin bread (extra mayo) with fries on the side. O Ma Gawd, that's good eatin'!

Mmmm. Dupars rocks. And I'm going to have to try Apple Pan Hamburgers.

But I'd better call the doctor to refill the cholesterol meds.

i think this is the place where my friend took me.

incredible fajitas.

don antonios

I was just discussing the lack of Mexican food (that is edible) in the Boston area. And was telling someone about El Cholo. I cant believe it is still around. And Apple Pan, well, that's "grandfather memories" right there...along with Polly's Pies, which is now gone. Sadly. Did I hear it is a Panera Bread now or something? And then lastly, Bob's Donuts. I have blogged about Bob's. Just the other day, I posted about having breakfast at my grandfather's house and he would always have Bob's from the Farmer's Market. Okay, I am trotting down memory lane on your blog here, sorry. i'm moving to claremont (east of LA) to go to scripps college in just a few days, and i'll have to hold onto this list and hit these things up one at a time. this is making me excited hahah. those pretzel croissants look too heavenly.

Did you read This Bok Will Save Your Life?
It is great and really captures the LA thing, including Farmers Market and Donuts.

Hi Danny--first of all, happy birthday (I know this is the wrong blog post, but I need to address your list of fave eats). We met and talked a little bit after the Greek Theatre show. I've been to about half of the places you listed, and they get the thumbs-up from me (especially Phillipe's and its amazing coconut cream pie). If you decide to give Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles a try after all, here's a tip: Go to the one off LaBrea and Pico, and if you're lucky, you'll get Big Mama as your server. Not only will she make sure your elbows aren't on the table before your food arrives, she might even bring you an extra wing if she thinks you look too skinny. Bon appetit!

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