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July 07, 2007


Geez Danny now you've got Piaf and Brel warring against each other in my head. :)

Non, rien de rien!
J'ai retrouvé Titine, Titine oh ma Titine!

I'll have to wait for the video - it probably won't play within 100 miles of me.

What you say about regret is so important. Indeed, it is only through facing down my regret and wrestling with it, that I can then forgive myself and move on. Otherwise it stays somewhere within me and paralyzes me in ways I cannot describe. What I have learned about "confronting" my regret and guilt, is that there is nothing to be ashamed of. For me it was always linked to shame and, therefore, so impossible to explore. Finding compassion for myself came from facing my regrets ... and I have had a *few* - too *few* even to mention!

As for the movie. I will take your advice and go and see it today! Can't wait!

Oh what did Polansky and Seigner do, pray tell?

Thanks for the review. I saw a preview and could tell this was a whopper of a performance.

Not having any regrets sounds a lot like denial to me.

I will also have to wait. I can't imagine it will make it to Iowa any time soon.

I saw this movie this past Friday, and your review is dead on - I could not have expressed how I felt about it and about Marion Cotillard's performance any better than you did. It was a splendid movie, and I was never a huge Piaf fan, but seeing the movie made me want to listen immediately to "Je ne regrette rien," "Hymne a l'amour," and "La vie en rose." What a life this woman lived, indeed!

About not having any regrets - it's an interesting way of dealing with a past about which you can't do anything anyway, isn't it?

everytime i hear that ad for the movie, it haunts me...that song...i do have edith piaf's record and love it...with regret one being too shy to try out..take a test or something to get music lessions in jr hs for the band or something...always the fear of rejection
judy garland also died at 47, looking years older than her age too. As did my best friend frank carchiolo(AIDS,'97) the biggest judy garland fan I ever knew, who took photos for photoplay magazine in the 60s of all the big stars. When I had to go through all of his possessions, i discovered his Judy folder with her death notices from ny newspapers, I really freaked. in my wildest dreams, he could be my mickie regrets that i never told him

So difficult to really look at what you might have done differently--"IF" that is the key word....'if' you could have....Many Many things...and yet, one cannot go back and change anything...Life isn't like that. All you can do is try to not make those same things into MORE regrets. I agree with you about Piaf..and in fact, most people...Too painful to really look at what things you might have done differently, so...just better, to deny.


I wish I could go see this film right now, this very minute.
But, unfortunately, I cannot. Health Issues. So, I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD, Drat It!!!!

You really make me regret that I have this Health Problem, MORE than ever, Danny. And Kendall sobbed....This brings me to tears.

WONDERFUL Review, my dear.

Hi Danny,

I am here is Washington Gallaudet University taking a two week intensive course in American Sign Language and having a blast. I came early and one of the exhibits I saw was the Holocaust Memorial Museum. If you have not seen it yet, you absolutely have to. I was so deeply moved by the experience.

WOW-- how brave these people were--so many stories--one I remember most was the rebellion in the Warsaw ghetto where they would rather fight and get killed than go to the camps and walk to their death. It is hard to know sometimes how and why things happen they way they did in the past.

I believe it is very important to love ourselves and each other and if loving ourselves means having compassion for any regrets from the past, I am all for it. I can't plan it, but often when I am compassionate and accepting of myself, the fierceness of the regrets seem to fade away.

You write so very honestly. I admire that greatly.

I read that when Jean Cocteau learned of Piaf's death he said, "Ah, la Piaf est morte. Je peux mourir." And then he died. How's that for an exit!

I often mentally explore the road not taken. Not necessarily with regret for my choices, but with genuine curiosity about What Might Have Been.

My husband HATES this and accuses me of acting "oppressed." Sigh. Sometimes I feel OPPRESSED by his reluctance to EVER consider the past.

As for regrets, yes, of course I have some, and I acknowledge I could have done better, but all things considered, I've done very well--not "successful" but happy most of the time.

Wow, I always find myself singing this song too to cheer myself up! Can't wait to see the film. Thanks.

Was lucky enough to see and hear Piaf in Monte Carlo in 1958. Loved her then and the movie brought me to tears.

Lots to think about from this post. Juicy questions - pain and suffering and would a person change it and does it make us who we are and is it just something celebrities are coached to say?

I was disappointed by this movie. Not sure why, but it didn't rivet me the way I'd hoped for. (Delovely got negative reviews but got through to me more than this one.)

The lead performance got so much hype I was surprised that the child actress wasn't singled out more. She really blew me away.

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