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July 11, 2007


I love seeing a picture of Gabe and Spencer on your blog.

And I love your blog. Statistics be damned (of course I would say that: I get two old widows and two family-member visits on a good day).

What a COOL photo! First, just the fact that it's a COOL photo, but THEN it's your NEPHEW! Very cool (yes, going for a record on number of 'cools' used in a comment.).

Danny, your blog is NOT depressing! Even when the subject matter is dark, the intelligence and poignancy of your writing reassures me that there are decent people out there in the world.

I think stats are down for everyone in the Summer when the weather is nice and people are gone on vacation. I wouldn't take it personally.

I must have missed your brother-in-law on Li'l Bush last night. I caught it toward the end. Damn.

Make sure to send me a reminder for that August 20th show!

What an adorable kid!

Correction: Jeff's first appearance on "Lil' Bush" is NEXT Wednesday, so tune in on July 18th to see his God complex in action!

I agree with Heather - your blog is not depressing in the least.

Plus, you know that people with feeds (like Bloglines subs) won't show up in your stats unless they click over to comment, right? And those are usually your most loyal readers.

Besides, stats should only be used to make fun of the insane phrases people search on.

Having cute nephews never hurts though. :)

I'll definitely try to tune in for that episode of "Lil' Bush" next Wednesday. I am not a huge Wilco fan by any means, but read an interview of Jeff Tweedy in some airline magazine fairly recently (I think it was on an American Airlines flight) - the guy is certainly complex and captivating.

The Jewish camp sounds like fun, and I love the picture of Spencer and Gabe. As much as Spencer might be a budding rock star, he is still a little boy.

Screw the blog stats. I check your blog everyday, Danny, and I am always happy when there is a new post.

Have you thought about writing a song for one of the family members?

Danny, It was through a "google" on a dead celebrity that I found your wonderful blog. It's always intelligent, literate, and interesting.

"Chin up" We're out here reading! Including this fan of writing on "dead" celebrities.

Stats are so bothersome. I just assume that no one reads my blog, that's why I allways claim to be the author of another in these coments sections.

As a photographer who loves to shoot live bands, that Blisters picture is the pinnacle. They look fantastic!

I loved the picture of the Blisters. I am Dylan's Grandma and live in the Seattle area. I had heard about the photo, but have not seen it yet. I am flying to Chicago to be at Kidzapolooza this Saturday to see them. Thanks for posting it!!

Cool photo. Really rocks. Is it just a coinsidence (excuse my spelling) that he's wearing the same shirt in every pictue, including the camp one?

Tearful, funny, sad, nostalgic, touching, hysterically funny, crazy, looney tunes or outrageously full of chutzpa ~ your blog is always wonderful. Every word a gem.
Stories I might never have heard, stories that were my childhood. And for your info, I absolutely love Magen David sickly sweet wine and have since my first seder sip six decades ago. One of our family memories was my uncontrollable, screeching laughter as I slid off my chair to the floor after the second "Boreh Pri HaGeffen". And that was when I was still sitting on the Bklyn & Manhattan yellow pages! Only competition to Magen David Pesach wine is the Pomegranate wine now made in the Golan. But that's another story.
Keep writing whatever flows from you to all of us. And of course Chag Pesach Sameach to you all. BTW, love Charlie's kipah.

Oh, and did I neglect to mention that my first grandchild, Oliver, was born 4 days ago?
I'm having a kvell moment.
If not for your super blog, how else could I tell millions of people all at once about Oliver? Now maybe I can attempt stopping every person in the street to share my nachat.

Wow, that's a great photo for someone so yong. They must really love everything that's going on. Makes it even better that it's your nephew. Congrats

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