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July 21, 2007


Danny, I'm a HUGE fan of the original Jon Waters Hairspray, which depicts Baltimore so accurately that it should be the official film of Bal-mur county. The reason there are no Jews in the original is that Baltimore was so segregated that the Jews all lived in one small segment of the city and nowhere else. If they were wealthy, they were in Pikesville, if not, they were on Reisterstown Road right on the Pikesville border. There weren't ANY Jews in the Fells Point area, which is where much of the original movie was filmed. That area was filled with Polish people.

As for Travolta as Edna, no way I want to see the movie because I won't pay to see any movie with a scientologist starring. It's my way of ensuring that I don't support that wacky cult. So no travolta, cruise, or elfman for this girl.

Penny and Seaweed DID kiss in the original film, with tongue, behind the studio when they went to the Negro Dance with Motormouth. Where Penny's mother picked her up with Waters as psychiatrist. Because Penny Pingleton was permanently punished!

The original film was so good, so funny, or original that I just can't see why it was made over. Can't anyone in Hollywood come up with an original screenplay anymore? Is nobody camp these days?

Who can beat Ric Okasek and Pia Zidora as the beatnicks? Deborah Harry as the racist beautyqueen mother? Sonny Bono as her husband? The casting was just so good!

I'll skip the latest version. It just doesn't appeal to me.

Oh, have you been to a Fiddler singalong? The BEST!

I don't know why they redid Hairspray either. I saw the original in San Francisco with a bunch of my friends and it was so much fun. Some of my more hardcore Waters friends, thought the original was too tame also.

The original Hairspray is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I never saw the stage version. My mother and I do plan to see this new film version together next week, but I can't imagine that I will like it even a smidgen as much as the original. The 1988 version came out when I was 14, so it was the first of my fellow Baltimorean John Waters's movies I ever saw (because I wasn't allowed to see his R-rated movies until I was 16).

I still haven't seen Dreamgirls! I really need to Netflix it...

I saw the orignal,...a fav..the musical twice and haven't seen the new one yet...

I tease my daughter, who may apply to Johns Hopkins next year....that she could wake up singing "Good Morning Baltimore...."

I put you can't stop the beat on my Ipod...long ago...just to make me feeeeeel gooood!

Bravo Danny, as usual! I'm torn about seeing Hairspray. I might just have to go and shell out the money, because I'm a big Latifah fan.
She's glorious and gorgeous in almost everything.

I heard something about Travolta saying in an interview that being a woman gives you power because of the sexual attraction thing going on. Guys were grabbing his boobs and butt in between takes, and that's how he figured the whole female power dynamic out. Isn't that dumb? The guy doesn't have two brain cells to rub together (which is why he's a Scientologist). Maybe he really is a closet homosexual and was getting his jollies during these grope fests!

I want to go to a sing-along! I want to move to Los Angeles! No, on second thought, I don't, not even for fun musical adventures.

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