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June 13, 2007


I loved science and thought I'd be a doctor some day, until I got a story published in a young writers magazine and science went out the window.

RIP Mr Wizard.

Hmm. I don't remember Mr. Wizard, but the Museum of Science and Industry remains one of my all-time faves. I loved the fairy castle, largely because Miss Moore was one of the few people I knew of, living or dead, who shared my name, but my favorite exhibit was the babies in jars. You remember--those fetuses at every stage of development, lined up in a row.

I suppose some people would call that gruesome (and I'm not sure whether they're still on display) but I never thought of it that way. It was just interesting! (BTW, if you do like unusual things of that nature, you can't beat the Mutter Museum in Philly. They've got Grover Cleveland's tumor! Doesn't get any better than that...)

I never got the chance to watch Mr. Wizard but his show sounds like just the kind of thing I would go for. Julia Child, however, is a Goddess to me and while I've only seen a few episodes of "The French Chef" I loved her work with Jacques Pepin in her later years. They had a very warm relationship and most importantly they had fun. Your trip to the Museum of Science and Industry reminds me of the trips we used to take to the Smithsonian in hot muggy Washington to get a view of the P-51 mustang (which we imagined shot down many a Nazi) hanging from the ceiling of the Air and Space museum.

What? You choose to focus on the death of a "Wizard," who can represent nothing but both the evils of black magic and the evils of scientific inquiry rather than the death of the sainted Ruth Graham? I'm so disappointed in you, Danny!

I'm afraid, and I'm sure you're shocked to hear it from me, that what happened to you in your science classes (and to me) to dampen any enthusiasm a child might have concerning science is still happening today in many classrooms around the country. I'm (almost single-handedly) trying to rectify the situation.

I loved Mr. Wizard too! How come all these great people have to die? It makes me sad for coming generations that don't have these types of icons to look up to.

Another terrific post, Danny!

I have always loved the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. It's been a favorite of mine since childhood. I haven't been there in years.... I think my last visit was with Jana on one of her rare visits stateside.

I was never really big on science in school. However, I have to say that Mr Wahle made a lasting impression on me. He taught us Roy G BIV, & how to draw a heart. Don't know why I still remember that, but I do. He was a good teacher... maybe that's why I remember him so fondly.


Your site was recommended to me. I worked for Don Herbert for 30 years, and am his replacement. I will be speaking at his memorial service this Friday, and, with your permission, will use a couple of sentences from your writing. Sorry to see what Emily posted. Very uninformed. Mr. Wizard was in no way involved with evil or darkness, rather someone who enlighted people on the beauty of God's universe. I am a Methodist lay speaker and often speak on the link between science and religion...there are many. I think Emily's ignorance of the difference between a wizard and a witch is understandable, if one follows the trends of today's media based culture. It is my plan to use the wizard name - my trademark will be Wizard 4 to carry on the work of my three forewizards. Michael Faraday ( Wizard 1), a very devout Christian whose scientific discoveries changed the planet; Wizard 2 Hubert Alyea at Princeton - student of Marie Curie, role model for Disney's 1960's movie the Absent Minded Professor, and my chemistry mentor...Alyea was a Presbyterian but he loved me and my Methodist ways; and Wizard 3, Don Herbert. In 1995, the living wizards met at Faraday's memorial at the Royal Institution of Great Briatin, and appointed me Wizard 4. Danny, I write all of this to let you know that your delight in watching Mr. Wizard will be continued! In fact, Iam currently working with Discovery Channel and others to find Wizard 5.. Thatnks for the kind words about Don... Repectfully, SJ, Chief Scientist Discovery Channel

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