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June 05, 2007


Came for the Wilco gossip, stayed for the Jewish ancestors and '60s TV shows. Write on.

You know I love your blog, but I agree with all your points about blogging. Sometimes I think I should just scrap mine, but then I really like the release of writing whatever crap I want and getting feedback. It's hard to keep it all in perspective.

I love reading your blog, Danny, even if I rarely comment.
It's like having a cup of coffee with you at the Farmer's Market.

I know what you mean. I've always maintained that true success the admiration of a select group of one's peers + the ability to walk into any 7-11 in that land unmolested. Yet I went into...acting? Sure. No discrepancies there.

On a completely different note, for what it's worth, while I think your brother-in-law is a pretty great artist, I'm more interested in meeting your sister. How great would it be to get another perspective on this fascinating family of yours from someone else who grew up in it!?!

And then there's the whole issue of sibling similarities and differences. Does Sue like coconut cake, or is she a strawberry-rhubarb pie fan?

Hi, Danny

I just came to your blog recently because you were so complimentary of my brother Ian's music. I read the whole Wilco entry with comments, but I'm ashamed to say I've never heard Wilco's music that I know of. (I have heard of them, though). Looks like they inspire some pretty intense feelings. So it's your blog I like, not your relatives. I look forward to reading more.

Give me glitz, give me kitsch, give me theater, give me family stories, give me high school reunions, give me your vulnerable moments, give me snapshots of your pride and joy daughter...AND I'M A KEPT WOMAN.

Ha ha!

Danny, when I fawn over your blog to colleagues it is for your 60s TV posts (Charles Nelson Reilly) or how I wanna be Kendall when I grow up. But enough of my friends listen to Wilco, so I can come here and then go to a bar and not sound like the music ingrate I really am. So I appreciate that to.

Blog on!

Aw you know I love your blog whether you write about stars of the 60s or Wilco - I've been reading you since you were 'Andy Hardy' - remember that? Keep on rockin in the free world, Danny...

This post perfectly taps into all my conflicted feelings about blogging. Am so relieved lately that my family has lost interested in my blog. Now I can really be myself and not feel the pressure of all those watch-dogs waiting to pounce on my every word!

What I love about blogging is everything you say here - it's about me, about the world out there and mainly it's about self-expression in whatever form it takes.

I came across your blog one afternoon in the middle of an "I-wonder-whatever-happened-to-that-amazing-woman-who-wrote-about-becoming-an-autodidact" bout of procrastination. I keep reading it (and recommending it to friends) because it has great and frequently updated writing about things I find funny and interesting (my hometown of LA, the bizarre movie industry, old houses, music, trying to raise kids responsibly and creatively, etc.) Thanks for putting this blog out there-- it is always a joy to read (even when it gets caught in the vortex of obsessive Wilco fan comments.)

Excellent set of riffs on the sometimes craziness of blogging: stats checking, pointing non-blog-reading friends to check out my current post, obsessing about balancing long essays w short cute stuff, and so on. Thanks especially for posts on hollywood giants of yore and on your jewish neshama-soul. i have limited info on my canadian cousins beyond what i read/saw of duddy kravitz (the rogue), saul bellow's inventions (alas, an immigrant to the USA), and mordechai richler's and other writers' and crooks' tales.

So go read my current post, darn it!

I came to your blog from QC Report, which I found at Single Chicken Theory. I stayed because you are so articulate, have such a wide breath of interests and knowledge, and are kind of Forrest Gumplike in the connections you have made in your life that it is always fascinating, no matter the topic. I just happen to like 60's television and movies, the lives of old stars, ancestral knowledge, etc. I'm not Jewish, but my family is European, and I resonate to some of the chords you strike in writing about them.

I don't often post a comment because I feel like a voyeur to an elite club whenever I read your blog, just privileged and happy to lurk on the fringes. In truth, I'd love to be your next door neighbor. I heard about Wilco here first, and I'll listen to them next. I'm checking out Kendall's book at the library, and also her mother's.

It's an artistic, intellectual, family, and gossip (in a good way)feast here. What could be better?

Hi Danny,

You do know that although I don't always leave a comment, I'm a faithful reader of your blog.

I concur on the usual blog angst: who cares? But I do it anyway and am amazed when I get responses from readers. Even a handful makes it worthwhile.

Don't doubt that your faithful audience is always in your corner.

Much love,

Danny, For a long time, I didn't really like to comment on your posts about Wilco because I didn't want you to think that I only read your blog because I'm a Wilco fan. Granted, I'd never have known about you if it weren't for a long-ago post someone made on Via Chicago. But it actually kind of irritates me that you get so many more comments on your Wilco posts than the others; probably the same sort of proprietary feeling I have when I hear a Wilco song on the radio. It's like, I want the things I enjoy to be enjoyed by others, but I am suspicious of other people liking those things for the wrong reasons. It's dumb, I know -- I should probably be in therapy! All of your blog entries are fascinating, and my personal favorites are the ones about your childhood and family of origin. Your political posts get me riled up and your pop-culture posts make me curious about the old movies and stars I'd never have discovered on my own. I have recommended your blog to probably a dozen friends over the past couple of years, and that had nothing to do with Wilco. Even though I read you via Google reader now, I always try to remember to click through to the actual site so that you'll have the satisfaction of one more hit!

I found you because of Kendall.

I stayed because I like what you write about. The TV, the movies, the degrees of separation. The Jewish history is educational and real. I liked the reunion entries, too.

Entertaining and educational. That does it for me.

I first found you when you posted on VC, although I can't remember what you were commenting on. Your post must have been exceptionally witty, because it sent me to your blog.

You hooked me with your musings on pop culture, past and present, which I am admittedly obsessed with. You reeled me in when I saw your house on HGTV and realized that you share another obsession with me--the strong pull towards old things and the emotional attachment you feel for them. You made me a lifelong fan with some of your crazy-hysterical posts (although there have been many, 'Congrats, Hank and Annie!' was the pinnacle). I have you to thank for becoming an AMC junkie. Thanks to you, I've now seen Katherine Hepburn's 'Desk Set' 5 times. I love to get those small glimpses into your family history. I learn something new with virtually every post and I sing your praises to the masses.

What's really funny is that I've been a member of VC for years (I'm now even a moderator of the board), and I first learned of the '2007 VW Uprising' here, not there. The tides have turned.

And you had the same dinette set when you were a kid that I have now. So it was obviously fate that led me to you.

Oops....Kath-A-rine Hepburn. I hate it when I misspell things and can't fix them!

oh no. you write about things other than wilco?

just kidding.

if i were you i would blog about teriyaki chicken pizza and volcanoes.

I was directed here by my sister to see Jeff Tweedy sporting a playdough moustache. Now, I read the blog on a regular basis. Bob Barker is enough for me to stay intrigued.

And if 19 adoring comments aren't enough to keep you going, well -- have a 20th.


I can't lie, I arrived here at your blog because of Wilco. But wait for this... these days I check in here way before I log into Via Chicago.

I love it and I love what you have to say about everything. Please don't stop.

Just to be a bit contrary (for a change), I came for the specific Peterson/Von Steuben/Hollywood Park reminiscences, stayed for the general 60s/70s reminiscences, and found (and like) Wilco despite my best efforts, a scant 6 months before my 50th birthday.

I have a nagging suspicion it's part of my quest for regaining my youth. Which is odd, considering I didn't enjoy it that much the first time around.

Or, it could be a government conspiracy.

I know how you feel. When I was a bored teenager I used to run a personal website (now adandoned). Occasionally I'll still get comments in the old guestbook from various friends and family who stumbled upon it through a random google search. That tends to make me really nervous because I begin to think who else might be reading it, this is then followed by urger to go back and delete the whole thing.

I hope you never delete this blog because it is truly one the most interesting, well-written one I've ever come across. I got here by googling "Roald Dahl, Patricia Neal". I've been hooked ever since.

I'll be honest, I'm a frequenter of the VC boards and only stumbled across this in passing. However your writing had kept me coming back, this particular entry hit home for me. More specifically your mention of your dysfunctional cycle. I almost feel as if that section of you entry was an explanation of myself (even if it was well beyond my powers of the english language). I felt as if I could see myself writing.

I guess I just wanted to you let you know that's even if your hits do spike with mentions of Wilco and Mr. Tweedy. You can feel comfortable in the fact that you are still affecting people such as myself and I'm sure many others. So thanks, and keep it up.

What a spot on line!:

"I’ve spent much of my life wanting to be noticed and wanting to be invisible at the same time."

Boy do I relate.

your the coolest Jew I've never met! Rock on!Had it not been for JT I may have never discovered U.But, I stay for your cool and unusual, yet normal and steady, sometimes over my head..mind.Put your stuff on tape so I can listen to your mind over a campfire!

oh, and sorry I am a year behind on this blog. I move slow.

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