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June 11, 2007


Last I checked, there was no word limit on memes. In fact, I may just start making up memes of my own (MEmes) to give you writing exercises and me something fun to read.

Speaking of reading, I am as delighted to hear of your ghost as I am horrified to know of yesterday's freeway incident. That bitch! Hope the whiplash (and the bumper) aren't too horrible.

My dad always sang “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” to me, too. I loved that.

I *love* this! It's not too long at all. I enjoy reading your blog (via RSS) and these insights into your personality are so interesting.

Your ghost story is very sweet, not crazy.

I'm *so* sorry about your car accident! It's awful that she left you there, maybe she was just frightened, but what a jerk! I hope your sunglasses were the only things damaged and that you are totally okay.

The ghost story is fascinating. I love ghost stories. The only ghost I've ever seen is the ghost of a cat at a friend's house.

My ex-husband is an actor and we live in a town that has a lot of experimental theater because of the playwrights workshop, and I've never walked out of a play before. I didn't know it was legal...I've really wanted to, though.

Danny: I also many pen friends as a child. Are you sure you're not my twin brother?
An ad I posted in Flip Magazine in 1973 generated about 10,000 responses. I had many foreign pen friends through IPF then and still have about eight I met through IPF--two of whom visited me here last year. They have a program for children, too. Real letters--not Internet based. You should check it out for Leah.

From your Pittsburgh reader.

Danny, I have a question and a few comments. First, how DO you handle swearing with Leah? I'd like any advice you can offer. Our almost-seven-year-old is in a pre-swearing phase (in our house, "stupid" and "idiot" are swear words). A couple of weeks ago she asked us, "What's a 'fock'?" She had heard this mispronounced word from a friend. We claimed ignorance on that one.

We walked out of a play at intermission many years ago. It was called "Ob La Di" and featured the oldest daughter from "The Cosby Show" doing interpretive dance while the other actors performed. I have no recollection of the plot, but I do remember that it was unwatchable. (This was at the Goodman Theater, in the same series as the fabulous "Death of a Salesman" with Brian Dennehy.)

I don't understand the novocaine thing. I just got a shot yesterday, and it still hurts a little.

My recurring car dream is that I'm driving, out of control, from the back seat.

When I saw "The Miracle Worker" on TV recently, I also cried at the "waaaaa" scene. How can you not?

Say hi to Kendall and Leah for me.


OMIGOD. i have the same dream about driving!
i don't know how to drive though so it kinda makes
sense. also.... YOU LIKE GETTING NOVACAINE????
no. can't be true.

I loved reading this. I always enjoy it when you share personal things about yourself; I get to see if I know you as well as I think I do. (I don't remember hearing the ghost story before...). I think this would be a great party game.

Danny, your writing is so engaging. Your posts are never too long!

And I TOTALLY understand about the weird mouth/pain/kind-of-like-it thing. Someone once explained to me that everyone has parts of their body where the pain/pleasure inherent pathways cross they lost me. But it has something to do with places where nerve endings are really concentrated, like the mouth/lips or fingertips or feet. Trust me, it sounded massively plausible.


Great post. One of my first childhood memories was a kid telling me in school to sing Yankee Doodle with an "F" in front of every word. I did, of course, and the other kids laughed hysterically. I went home, told mom, and she shrugged and said, "I don't get it either."

I really, really enjoyed this. I wish my husband liked musicals. The reason Rolf and leisel scene the tension of the unknowing, yet the force of young passion. It's a shoet season, that first season of love..but well worth remembering!

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