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June 06, 2007


I really, really wish I had known about that Matchgame tribute. It was my very favorite game-show. The Price is Right is also a fixture of my childhood-in the summers or on sick days-and I can hear Barker yell "Come on Down!" as I write this. Watching his fans must have been facinating, I always marvel at people's commitment to certain personalities. Great post, you're lucky to live where you do.

Hey, I teach art at a jail and found out from the inmates that Bob Barker has a big company that supplies shoes for prisons and jails. I can't say the footwear is all that trendy (it looks pretty darn cheap), but apparently it makes Bob a lot of money. Great post.

Wow, another great post! If Bob Barker were to run for President, I'd vote for him. He sure beats all other so-called candidates in the brains and charisma departments, doesn't he?

I loved the Match Game, and Charles Nelson Reilly must've been a wonderful man to know. How I envy you that!

I'll be visiting again soon.

Lol. Yeah, I'd rather have the million too. I used to watch the Price is Right, solely for the game itself. Never really cared much for Bob Barker. It's hard to respect someone with such an obviously fake tan, IMO.
But I would be happy to accept a couch from Drew Carey, I think. As long as there is a million dollars stuffed in the cushions. :D

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