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June 30, 2007


eBay? People are so nuts. Most Apple stores around the country are still fully stocked. Those eBay nuts have blown it this time. You can check iPhone availability at the Apple store near you using this link:

Why wait? By the time they've "truly" made advances with the iPhone, you're going to need to replace your phone anyway. Don't we usually replace our phones roughly every 18-24 months? Am I really just making excuses?

He might not know it, but Mickey Rooney and I have something in common: our birthdays. The birthdate, mind you, not the birth year! :)

And I always was -- and still am -- a great fan of those Andy Hardy movies, too.

I love all the Hollywood history. My daughter loves the Andy Hardy movies. (she likes the ones with Judy Garland too)

As for the iphones? I just got my very first cell phone ever this week. I'm sure I won't invest in an iphone for at least another decade.

Lots here to mull over. Growing up, we had no TV because it would "addle your brains," saith mama. So i had to spend time at a neighbor's where her smoking-addicted father (died young of lung cancer) filled giant ashtrays while we joined him in front of the tube, watching whatever he selected. It was never andy. The curse mama put on TVs has lasted all these years as i've rarely turned it on save to watch sesame street (as an adult, of course). Greatest show on earth.

The iPhone and other toys are over-the-top pricey because people have the resources, leisure, and values to support the enterprise. Simple IMHO. Yet i don't diss Apple, whose macs i have been driving thirty years. And, because you have one, i want to recommend, if you haven't already partaken of the huge value item they offer: $99/year for unlimited private tutoring (aka Procare). A true metziyeh.

Rooney may be insane, but he is one of the most talented insane people, EVER!
I was ruined by MGM and the Hardy films, along with many many others...but, it got me through my childhood!
One year when our family was in sister Gene had a mad crush on Mickey...and called his hotel and invited him to our house! She recieved a telegram from him, declining the invitation in a very nice way. A treasured piece of paper--God knows wat happened to it!

I sooooo wish I could have seen this production of "Mornings At Seven," too.....The closest I got was cueing Dianne a few times and Seemah, on the hill! I knew Kim and Annie were going yesterday...I didn't know you all would be there, too----(you and Kendall DO get around---you have had quite a week of Movies and Theatre...) It is difficult beyond words to NOT be able to go to so very many things, like this....I do count on people coming here to keep me up-to-date and just for the personal getting together. It's very important to me and that is why I had my little luncheon. (I must say Danny, things tire me out more than they use to...not at the time, but after...)
Anyway....I hope there will come a time soon, when I will get to see you and Kendall. If you can fit me in between films and!

I had heard the rumors about Rooney and his exploits. To be married to Ava Gardner for even a minute would be enough for me.

I get very anti-cell-phone when I'm driving to work and someone yapping on one cuts me off, oblivious to the fact that he is hurtling down the road in a quarter-ton mass of glass and metal. The iphone looks very cool however, but I got tired of them shoving it down my throat while I was watching reruns of “The Office” the other night. The idea that you can flip through your music collection with your fingertips is what hooked me. I’ve never owned a cell phone, but eventually I will probably get one, the thing is I just don't talk on the phone that much, even at home. On that note, someone’s cell-phone just rang obnoxiously where I am working.

Hearing about all these chances you have had to see actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood reminds me of one of the great things about living in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, with so many of the buildings from that era thrown down for malls, and these Hollywood stars either aging or passed away, the only way we might end up reliving these great movies in the future is by watching them on our iPhones.

my father's 2nd wife had the inimitable claim to fame of taking a train trip as a 10 year old in the 1940s, from Chicago to LA, feeling ill, rushing out of the compartment and vomiting into the arms of Mickey Rooney.

"hotter than a half-fucked fox in a forest fire" -- Darling, when you quote on of the best sentences ever, get it right!!!

I used to take dance classes with Mickey's son, who's a well-respected choreographer, and I always used to wonder what it would be like to have Mickey Rooney as a father. Hmmmmm....

Thank you for voicing exactly how I feel about the iPhone. I want one, too, but not for a long time, once all the kinks have been ironed out and the price has come down to at least a mere "still too expensive," as opposed to "outlandish." Oh yeah, and the iPhones of the future are bound to look cooler. Look how much nicer iPods are today than those clunky originals.

Thanks. Fascinating. This was particularly interesting to me. My great uncle Sig frohlich (maternal grandpa's brother) was mickey's dear friend and stand in. In Mickey's autobiography Life's Too Short he mentions Siggie many times and kind of thanks him for saving his life. (My uncle's other claim to fame was his role in The Wizard Of Oz.) (He passed away not long ago.)

By the way, Suzanne Vega has a new song insiped by a famous Ava Gardner line and about her and Frank Sinatra.

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