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May 01, 2007


#4 on that Batman credit card is a hoot. Did you ever put the card to the test to see if you COULD pay your income tax with it? At least your property taxes...?

I, too, was a big fan of THE TIME TUNNEL. I remember watching the show and eating really long and curly Cheezies (TM)! Do we Jews associate everything with food?

As for the games/toys you mentioned, aside from Life and Monopoly and Kenner Pop-A-Matic toys, we didn't have such good ones when I was a kid. I had to wait to be an adult to get them -- I was maybe 25 years old and my brother and sister-in-law gave me an Etch-a-Sketch for Chanukah. (I was so happy with it.) My kids have Twister, Operation, Life, Monopoly, etc., so I relive my childhood through them and their toys and games.

I love these trips down memory lane - I had the Creepy Crawlers set, and a Spirograph, and most of the board games you mentioned. Those and my Tonka trucks were all co-sitters with the television set.

But I gotta tell ya Danny, some of these time-trips also bum me out. I used to love The Time Tunnel, and I hadn't realized how silly it was until you refreshed my memory. I remembered very little of the nuts and bolts of it, beyond James Darren, Robert Colbert (Doug), and Lee Meriwether. I would sit glued to the set for every episode. For a nine-year old in 1967, those episodes were hard science.

But then again, it was a time when four networks still gave me plenty of options to change the channel, when the only remote control I had was throwing something at my little brother's head to convince him to get up and change it.

I can't see how you can describe that plot as ridiculous when decades later Quantum Leap would be so fantastic!

Ahhhh Danny...Such Memories....! Believe it or not, I don't remember Time Tunnel or the other one you mentioned with Frank Aletter...(Who, incidentally, was in the play I did down at The Mark Taper, where I had to take my brassiere off, 1970....!)

I must tell you that I watched that clip of the today show and thought..."where did Danny get this??"....Then, when I saw the credit at the end...Theatre West....I realized that they took it off of a tape I made THE HISTORY OF THEATRE WEST, back in 1982-83 for the 20th Anniversary of TW, and that clip was from a Kinescope I got at the time we did the TODAY SHOW, back in 1963...Everyone of the cast said to me, 'Why do you want that?' And my answer was...'Because I may never be on The Today Show again!'....20 years later, they ALL wanted a copy of it, which they got from me! (LOL)....And forgive me for correcting you here, but, that was not Lee Meriwether next to Hugh Downs at the beginning of that clip. In fact, Lee was very pregnant and in California...She had understudied all three of us ladies when we did SPOON RIVER at UCLA....but, couldn't go to New York with us, because she was so very pregnant by the time we left for Broadway...She was pregnant with her daughter Kyle...

I must say...It pains me to hear the sound on that Kinescope, which was, as you know, a film of the show taken off of a TV set!...The sound on the film did not hold up well....the picture, didn't either, but it least it is a little more bearable....
Sorry to take up so much space here...

This was a fascinating post, especially all the goodies that you played with...I myself LOVED the Spirograph, and I was a grown-up!(LOL)

Oops, Naomi, I could've sworn that was Lee sitting next to Hugh Downs but I did wonder if her tenure at "The Today Show" was earlier than 1963. Come to think of it, now I remember reading that it was right after her 1955 reign as Miss America. So who WAS that woman at the beginning of the clip?

Larry, I forgot to mention Robert Colbert, the actor who played Doug on "Time Tunnel." Whatever happened to him? I also should have mentioned the other principals, Whit Bissell and John Zaremba, who both appeared in an ill-fated 1978 TV remake of the granddaddy of all time travel films, the wonderful 1960 movie of H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine."

I never remember hearing of the show, It's About Time, but for some reason I know the theme song. How odd.

Danny,I predict, after this post travels through cyberspace, The Time Tunnel will return to the air. Can they make a reality series about it? Hmmm.

Re: Spoon River Anthology, I was Mrs. Williams in a South Commons Theatre Group production (1970?). I still remember my opening lines, "I was the milliner, Talked about, lied about, Mother of Dora.. That was the end of my dramatic career.

I love your TV memories, but PLEASE, PLEASE can we keep the "Family Affair" in the past? That show, and Uncle Bill in particular, always gave me a very creepy feeling I'd like to forget.
Do you remember, was it the "Dead Kennedys" who made up the horribly tasteless song about the show? Also creepy.

I LOVED Time Tunnel! I had forgotten all about it until a few years ago and then saw either a web site or an episode somewhere and was shocked at how cheesey it really was. As a nine year-old I was entralled. I remember that I wanted to be really good at history in case that ever happened to me so I wouldn't be the stupid one that that got transported to 1776 said "What happened in 1776?".

Star Trek started about that time as well but I honestly don't recall seeing that until reruns on UHF.

Great year.

I don't recall the episode about the aliens.

My other favorite from this time was "Voyage to the bottom of the sea". I loved the flying sub. Capt Crane always got to fly the flying sub.

I loved It's About Time -- was seven when it aired, and looked it up on IMDB a few weeks ago. What a coincidence!

you've named all my fave childhood shows. watched them all and if i do the math re numbers of hours in front of tv in the 60s, it scares me. also add: land of the giants, avengers, beverly hillbillies, petticoat junction, mannix, wild wild west, flying nun, get smart, green acres, lucy, gleason, & dean, plus all the game shows!!

Hello Dan Miller. We're not acquainted (unfortunately!!) but I was googling an old Chicago short-lived game show called "Let's Face It!" that I think was on Channel 9 WGN and ran across your blog including "It's About Time", which was also one of my favorite themes, weakly scripted though the show may have been! Also thought I'd make sure you're not Dan Miller who grew up in Niles near Dempster and Waukegan, which I've confirmed already (that you're not) by checking your siblings' names--but Wilco is a GREAT BAND and it must be nice having Jeff Tweedy as a brother-in-law!! Guess you must have gone either to Mather, Von Steuben, Lake View, Senn or one of those. (I grew up in Skokie & went to Niles North & Roycemore School) Anyway, interesting and memory-jogging site!! Thanx, Bobster

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
I also love "its about space."
It was my favorite tv show.
I am seaching for the dvd of this show.
I remember having the incredible edible creepy crawler machine. I still have my show n' tell player.

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