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May 10, 2007


That was really beautiful Danny. Thank you. I miss her SO much too.

Happy Birthday Mom.

your sister

So beautiful. And if it's the restaurant I think it is (and I'm pretty sure it is), I cannot think of a finer tribute to such (as my gramps would have said) a gorgeous dame.

You definitely inherited your mother's writing talent! Beautiful birthday tribute!

Lovely Danny...Such a lot of wonderful pictures and sweet momories, too...(Was it Musso's?...? Not strictly a Steak House, I Well, wherever you had dinner, how lovely that there is your dear Red Headed Daughter, to remind you of your Mom...!

That was great, as always. Did people ever tell your mother that she favours Haley Mills?

Danny, what a great tribute to your mom. The multitude of similarities in so many areas of your life and hers is rather uncanny.

Even in that infant pic of your mom, I see the Danny face.

How does she truly compare to the other Judy Miller, as played by Gilda Radner?

Danny, this is a beautiful tribute to your mom. She is really lucky to have a son like you and I'm sure you know that. I don't remember if I met your mom,even thou I remember hanging at your house, but she sounds like she was a great mother. Your May is my October. My dad died in Oct. of 1980 (five weeks before I got married)when he was 63, and my mom died Oct. of 1981 and she was 57. I don't like that month! To this day I still miss them like crazy! Anyway, I hope you had a nice dinner last night and I know that the good memories will help you keep going for years to come! Take care...Arlene

That was truly amazing. Your mom sounds wonderful. I feel bad that my mom and my children never got to meet. I think my girls would really have benefitted from knowing her.

It has nothing to do with an Oedipal Complex. Your mom WAS beautiful! And you're right: how sad that she could write something like that in high school and yet didn't turn it into a flourishing writing career. Wish I could have met her.

Oh, and I just have to add how practical she must have been, as well. Of course you can't study geometry if you don't understand it, anymore than you can study Chinese if you don't know what any of the characters is.

Hope your sad thoughts of regrets and missed opportunities (so normal) are soon overshadowed by the others you have so often portrayed, those of how lucky you were to have such a mother.

Happy Birthday to your Mom, Danny. You love and admire her so much. It is beautiful to read. And all so close to Mother's Day too. I find that my feelings associated with Mother's Day are complex in other ways, but, I suspect it must be quite a wistful day for you in some ways. My thoughts are with you.

Your stories about your family really warms my heart, truly beautiful people. Loved that photo of your uncle paul back a few blogs. Also aching when i think about father's day & I lost my dad '84 when he was 60, my son was not quite three. (Strange karma as your Uncle Paul's birthday is the same as my dad's ). I used to be sad when my kids were growing up cos they didn't experience the fullness of loving grandparents that i had; and at my niece's wedding, i got all teary eyed missing my dad and wanting to dance with him we did at all those family affairs we went to bar mitzvahs , weddings, We all need to be reminded to be grateful for what we have and had. The present is the present.


I read your blog each week and enjoy it very much. These revisits to your mum's memory stick with me the most. They are really beautiful and moving. She was a gorgeous woman and she must have been so proud of you.

Thank You, it makes me thankful for my mother, even when she drives me around the bloody twist.

The respect and love you have for your Mom
is a wonderful model for everyone to follow!

I love coming back to your blog periodically to see where your pen flows.

LO-HE-HA to you and your Mom from your BOC friend,


Beautiful post, Danny. I'm gonna call Mom right now. And to think that earlier this morning all I could think about was how she drives me crazy...

Although I don't often comment on your blogs, I've been reading them since I discovered them and had to comment on this one. I want you to know that Sandy and I remember your mom so well and we miss her too. So many of our childhood memories include wonderful times with your mom. We reminisce about her often. I hope it helps you to know that her spirit is very present in the people who's lives she touched and who knew her well. For your blog readers who never met her, she truly was a unique and special person.

Nice post. Like yours, my mom would also have been 73 this month (on the 20th). Also like yours, she died in May (6 years ago). Then, as if those anniversaries weren't enough of a reminder, there's Mother's Day.

It all makes for a subdued stretch of days. Not as sad as it used to be just a few years ago, but also not as uncomplicated as it was before that, no matter how beautiful spring can be.

This was an awesome post. Your mother really was a great writer. It's quite obvious where you got your talents! Your entries are always very entertaining.

as a fan of wilco, i have been introduced to your blog. just wondering if you remember mary fitz from kilkenny? she was a good friend of your mom from the merchandise mart and has also been a good friend of mine for many years. she is back in kilkenny and doing well. also, my 23 year old nephew is a huge wilco fan. he actually managed to sneak into the concert at millenium park last summer. where there's a will, there's a way.

I came across this site looking for something on the people that were part of my life as a kid. I say kid. I was 20 and went to work for Karoll's in the credit department. I worked directly for Pete Miller and had the opportunity to say Hi to his beautful wife Judy every time she came to visit Pete or her dad. Sam Karoll had lot's of faith in me and made me the credit manager for all the stores. When I did get married Sam and his wife along with Judy and Peter were at the wedding. Once I left Karoll's I lost track of all of them but always will remember what a wonderful family it was and the opportunities they gave to me. I'm not sure if any of them remeber me but I will always remember them.
Sol Benjamin

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