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May 15, 2007


I'm watching it right now. Christofa (Sopranos) is on right this second, Rickles is done (I can't stand him), and I'm looking forward to Wilco!

I've got Sky Blue Sky playing constantly -- in the car, at home, on my headphones at work. I already confessed in my own blog that I've had the .mp3s for a couple of months, but I bought the deluxe package w/CD, DVD, vinyl, t-shirt, and totebag from the website, too, so I am not that much of a criminal! My friend Jenny was listening to SBS when she was transitioning into her final phase of labor on May 3rd, and baby Sylvia was so at peace when she was born that she didn't even cry. All the credit goes to Wilco.

Don Rickles is definitely not my style. I don't think he's funny at all.

My brother is a HUGE Wilco fan - he just spent the better part of our beach vacation explaining the genius of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in detail - I'm sure he's got his hands on this album already!

I still haven't heard the album yet. I'm really excited about it. Alsmost as excited as I would be to meet Don Rickles.

Good for Leah. I bet she brings down the house.

Watched the show just in time for Don Rickles who I still think is pretty funny. I also saw your brother in law. I was hoping that David would of interviewed him a little. I like his music, and now that I know he's Sue's husband makes it even better! I will buy his CD if I ever get out of the hospital!!

I have never liked Don Rickles' brand of humor, and I know nothing about Wilco, but I do know one thing--your writing is fantastic! I discovered your blog yesterday and have been reading it off and on ever since.

You're so perceptive and in-touch with pop culture and the world. I especially enjoyed your entries about The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, The Waltons, Doris Day and Queen Latifah ( see, I really have been reading this!)

Keep up the excellent work! I'm going to add you to my list of frequently accessed blogs. I'm quite picky, so you'll be number 5.

Until I started reading your blog way back when, Danny, I'd never heard of Wilco. But I made sure to watch them last night on Letterman. Not too shabby...and to think that you can call the front man "MISHPOCHE"!

As for Rickles, I adored him last night. Wouldn't I have loved to face off with him in an elevator as Wilco did!

Jacques would be so jealous -- he's a HUGE Don Rickles fan.

wow, great live version of what light.

thanks for the tip i got to see it on youtube.

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