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May 16, 2007


And while I would never say a train wreck is a good thing to see. A train wreck is often something one can't stop looking at.

Such is the case of the Republican Party this year.

With the first debate, and now this one, it's gratifying (to me) to see the Republicans in total dissaray.

It must be difficult to champion one's beliefs and ideals by pointing to a leader who last served office in 1988.


And for them to believe the majority of Americans want the nation to repeal a woman's right to govern her body, to repeal freedom's granted in our constitution, to continue pursuing a war that has few, if any victories, is just ... well, silly.

I understand pandering to your base. But c'mon. This is ridiculous. It really is a train wreck. A train wreck with more cars than one can count, and a train wreck with no end in sight.

I loved Letterman's joke about the candidates: "They looked like the evil lawyers from a John Grisham movie."

So much to say. Instead, I'll just concur.

I agree, dear Danny...The face of the GOP is the face of the 1950's....No, I'm's the 1930's! Help Us Oh Lord!
And Un-Christian...So Filled with hatred and prejudice. It is scary that any of these men spoke in positive terms about him. Scary and shocking, too, yet completely predictable.....Maybe I still have the wrong decade...Like maybe it was the 1920's!

I chose to watch anything but. Meaning I chose the last Gilmore Girls show of the season and a GREAT Boston Legal episode-- Alan Shore defending a priest who harbored illegal aliens (based, me thinks, on that parish in Chicago). I felt guilty about it, but honestly? It was the right decision. Why get angry for nothing?

I hadn't seen this on tv so I adored your picture of the suits with the red ties when you posted it the first time and used it in the cd cover I'm painting (a modern update of Fra Angelico's Last Judgment Day). I immediately put the Republicans in navy suits and red ties.

I also thank you for recommending "Huff" which I'm now watching and enjoying when I use the elliptical trainer every morning. 'And I thought *I* had problems...'

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