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May 26, 2007


This all sounds so exciting I think I must finally, one of these days (perhaps post-second book) visit Las Vegas! Happy Anniversary to you and Kendall.

Speaking of memorable experiences during the 70's as a kid, I got to see Liza Minelli in "The Act" at the Music Center when I was in high school. She's phenomenal!

WONDERRFUL Post Danny....I love when you write about some of the old films viewed once again...."The Last Of Sheila" was TRUE Camp, and such fun....!
"Diary Of A Mad Housewife"...I must rent that from Netflix soon...I haven't seen it in many many years....And I remember it as being a very painful film.
Las Vegas....OY! I'm glad Minelli gave such a stirring performance...It is obviously in the 'genes'....These Garland/Minelli women do not know how to 'phone it in'....! I am not a big fan of Liza, having seen her Mother, LIVE, on Stage probably 8 or 9 times---I've lost count....And for me, THAT was the real stuff. But I know what a terrific performer Liza M is and it had to be fabulous to see her there in SinCuty, as you call it.

Are we ever going to get together, my dear? Life is so fleeting...let'd not let any more time go by.

Since 70s movies and Liza are both covered today, how about 'Lucky Lady', New Year's Eve at the Old Orchard Theatre, 1975, you, Helena and me?

Of course - you know who Carrie use to be with. One thing I hate about all of the new networks and everyone doing their own shows not - you don't get to see those sort of movies on a Saturday afternoon anymore. I actually keep a list of all the ones I recall watching back in the day.

I've never seen Liza, but am always glad to hear a report like this.
To me, all she comes off as is bonkers. Tragically crazy. I could barely watch her on Inside the Actors Studio.
The other day I was speaking with my chiropractor who was telling me about a possible job for me at a GLBT-focused publication. He asked me if I would be comfortable with this. "Oh please", I told him, "I'm very gay. If I was any gayer I'd be gay."

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