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May 04, 2007


And one wonders if they are not sure about the world being round, as well!
I looked at all these guys last night and thought...It's a bunch of Old White Men....OY! Help Us!
Like you said, this really 2007????

As usual, Danny, this is brilliant, and I am making a link to this post from my blog. I did not watch this debate (I did not watch the Democrats either - although I should have), too crazed at the moment. In a way, now I am glad that I didn't.

What an amazing picture, Danny. Made me shudder. I just saw Hitchens recently on Lou Dobbs talking about his book, "God is not Great." And thought about these "stupid white men" as Michael Moore calls them, not beliving in evolution ... and wondering, wondering, wondering ...

This post is important. It's a wake-up call - a reminder of all things important. Wake up, America!!

Oops - I mean, "believing," oh dear!

Don't. Want. To. Move. Back. To. The. U.S.

I just couldn't stomach the debates. They always make me so sad.

A Catholic from cradle through confirmation and even in college, I now count myself as an atheist. Even in the days when I held what I felt was a deep and profound faith for God, I didn't believe in the Bible literally. I know well the lessons from Aesop's fables, but I doubt that they are the literal truth. That they are fiction makes the morals of the stories neither less powerful, nor less true. I respect that other people may understand my logic and point of view and still disagree. I hope for the same respect from them. That being said, I find it difficult when I hear the President and other elected officials say repeatedly that the students of Virginia Tech, the residents of tornado ravaged Kansas, or our soldiers are in our prayers.

I understand the sentiment and applaud that, but I am not comfortable with government officials speaking on behalf of the faith of the nation. Maybe it is a small point, but it seems very important. I am troubled by the ever diminishing separation between church and state and like the straws on a camel's back, or the raindrop that tipped the balance between the levees holding or breaching.

I recognize that I might be too sensitive on the subject and am genuinely interested in hearing other people's opinions.

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