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May 22, 2007


I'm right there with you on that. When I lived in Northern California, a lot of the tourists were from the LA area and they threw crap out of their cars all the time. We always referred to them as terrorists, instead.

This is why we say Don't Mess With Texas, it's the slogan for the anti-litter campaign.

Interesting post. I was just commenting the other day to the girlfriend (a lifelong Puget Sound resident), that in the four-plus years I've lived in the area (about an hour west of Seattle), I've never seen so much as a candy wrapper thrown out a car window, much less a bag of food. This despite (or perhaps because of?) being fairly close to a very large Naval base. While not L.A., Chicago, or New York sized (not even Seattle-sized), the local county has upwards of 240,000 people, and very little litter.

Could be the environmental conscience of the area, or it could be that the local powers that be have a bounty for litterers. There are actually signs that post phone numbers for turning in litterers on the signs that include the fine for littering. Those signs also offer a reward of up to $1000. It's just for info leading to a conviction, and it's mostly geared towards illegal dumpers, but I'm guessing it helps the local "conscience". Still, it's a bit like George Orwell meets the flower children.

Danny, I feel the same way you do on this subject. I can't stand people who throw garbage out the window. They are total slobs and it makes me wonder what there houses must look like. One time I was at the gas station and while a guy was filling his car he was throwing garbage out of his car and onto the pavement and the garbage cans were right there...I mean some stuff was touching the can. I wanted to say something so bad, but my luck he'd pull a gun out. I just don't understand people like that.

I. Hate. You.

your sister

As usual, you are spot on!

I probably would have yelled at the guy, but as you correctly pointed out, it would have solved nothing and is a potentially dangerous thing to do! People are just incredible.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, especially since we seem to have moved to the litterbug capital of North America. This rural area has a far worse litter problem than anything I've seen in large cities.

I saw some a**hole in a pickup truck with West Virginia tags throw a bag of fast food trash out of his window when I was driving home through downtown Baltimore one day. I tailgated him and honked my horn and swore like a lunatic. I don't blame you for not doing that since you had Leah in the car. But I wanted that man to know that someone saw him do it and didn't think it was okay to just ignore it. It was terrible.

Oh, the famous Jeanine, the same one from "I Got You (At the End of the Century)"? Awesome. I am so glad my little brother doesn't blog. He's got major adolescent dirt on me, musical stylings and all.

My reaction is pretty much the same. I get so infuriated that I can barely see straight.

Unfortunately I think we now live in an environment where "PC" is laughed at. That being Politically Correct is no longer being aware of how your actions affect others, but is, instead, looked at as being weak, or overly cautious, or just plain stupid.

Flipping someone off seems to be the best way to deal with someone who doesn't care for our actions. And I, for one, am tired of that.

Together we all have to live in this world, this country and our neighborhoods. The very least we can do is have a little respect for others, and expect the same in return. And part of that means don't throw trash in my front yard, wherever that yard happens to be.

I try to be quiet when I see something like that, being a new yorker is especially dangerous. I've yelled at people and everyone in the car (my family) ducked thinking someone was going to shoot us.Sometimes it's just not worth it to yell.

It is interesting Danny that I see strange litter crap up here on the side of the hill across from me all the time, and have for years...In the street, too....Big Drinking cups and those pesky fast food papers you mentioned and other stuff---obviously thrown from someone's vehicle as they are coming and or going from this area. It pisses me off, no end! I don't understand that. To be so non caring and really deadened to what this crap looks like sitting among beautiful plants----OY OY OY! I agree with you that those PSA's really helped....'back in the day. I can remember emptying my car ashtray right on the street or in a parking lot, not thinking anything about it...I'm going back to the 60's.....Now, I am absolutely appalled at how I could have possibly not understood how disgustingly horrible that was....! Of course I stopped smoking in 1970, so my littering of those butts stopped, too! But truly, I cannot imagine throwing anything out of a car window in 2007....! And that has been true for over 30 years now....!

In regard to the car incident you experienced:
My first impulse would have been just like yours...but I would not want to get into an altercation with a possible gun totting person...I would have written down the persons license plate number and reported him, weather they would do anything or not is another question...But at least I would feel I tried.

Danny, you forgot to address the one thing we all really want to know: what was Jeanine Buonavolanto's Indian name?

I, too, believe that if we hadn't been 'brainwashed' by TV commercials not to throw litter out the window of cars we would still be doing that today. It was a highly successful campaign, and worthwhile!

I live in Kyiv which is full of trash, but part of the problem is the lack of governmental support. There are almost no public trashcans in Kyiv---that's something Lady Bird Johnson and her "Keep America Beautiful" campaign helped to provide. It's a lot easier to keep a city clean when there's PR and money from taxpayers. But Ukraine is a poor country...the US isn't, no excuse, wonder what I'll find when I return this summer.

Get over it, this is LA. The main plague that I see in LA is illegal immigration. A couple of napkins, a bag, and a soda are nothing. Like i said before, GET OVER IT. The trash will be picked up by the criminals doing community service, or by the overpaid street sweepers. If you dont like trash on the streets, then I suggest that you move to japan.

Twice I have confronted litterers by following them and telling they they should be ashamed. Once I actually picked up the bag of taco bell trash a woman threw out her car window, then I knocked on her window when she stopped, she rolled down her window to see what I wanted and I handed the trash back to her. She claimed she didn't realize it had fallen out of her open window accidentally. I wonder if those people think twice about littering now, I hope so.

I'm with ya, dude. I own a shop and every morning and then throughout the day, I am in the parking lot with my broom and dustpan picking up after these idiots. Cigarette butts, scratched lottery tickets, wrappers, empty cups, napkins. WTF? It's so irritating and I know they get off on watching me pick up their trash. Losers, I tell ya...

when i was a kid in the seventies i would go in for my annual check up and mt doctor would smoke while consulting with my mom....oh, so did my dentist...anyone remember when people smoked on airplanes? yuk!

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