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April 24, 2007


I don't think Republicans are that crazy about Bush either, but partisan politics get in the way.

If the comments are reserved for people who think W. is doing a good job, then I got nuthin'.

Not getting many responses. . .

I guess you can say he doesn't fool around with interns.

I have to say that I do think that Gonzales ranks up their with Meese and Ashcroft. Allowing the justice department to become a chess game for partisan politics is, in my book, criminal.

The statement that Bush thought Gnzales' performance was "fantastic" makes Bush appear as stupid and out of touch and delusion--maybe crazy, even, as he truly is. End of story. IMPEACH Cheney. IMPEACH Bush. Finished.

I used to say that 'as a person' I liked Dubya better than his daddy, because George Herbert Walker was a much more calculating Machiavelli, well aware of the crimes he was committing (It still boggles my mind that King George the First managed to sweep Iran/Contra under the rug so efficiently, first as CIA Director, then as President). For all the ineptitude, I believe Dubya is still firmly convinced he's John Wayne. Unfortunately, he's Jethro Bodine.

And sadly, it makes me feel even less safe having Jethro and the neighbor boys sittin' out by the 'ceement pond', playin' Army with tens of thousands of real people's lives.

So, in conclusion, regarding Jethro's (err.. Dubya's) high points, I got nothing either.

"I’d hate to think this blog is stuck in some ghetto where everyone has to think like me."

It's never too late:

Cheney & Ashcroft in 2008!

I feel like Sam I Am when I think of George Bush. I do not like him in the House, with a mouse, et. Worse, I have tried. But to give the man his due, I think he did well in his public appearances immediately after 9/11 (and post goat story). Some of the actions he was taking in terms of running the government were abhorrent, but his public presence was mostly good. In retrospect, I wonder if his performance was more a function of the overly simplistic terms in which he viewed the crisis.

The only thing that makes Gonzales tolerable is that I still have a sense that he is not insulated from life by vast accruals of wealth and power. Although his children, and his children's children... I also think that this episode has put Harriet Myer's nomination into better perspective. (Fire all the prosecutor, Dub must of thought it was genius.) Think what trouble she might have made as a Supreme.

Speaking of Harriet Myers and Donald Rumsfeld, too, I really would not want to be depending on George's loyalty to keep me at work. Letting Rumsfeld go after the election struck me as closing the barn after the horses had run off and only a week before that George had affirmed that Rummy would be around until the end of George's tenure.

I think Jon Stewart of the "Daily Show" nailed it when he said that Gonzalez was willing to make himself look like "a total pinhead" to prove his loyalty to the president. That was why the president said he was proud of him! (I sure was wondering.)
Gonzales managed to reveal absolutely nothing useful about the Justice Department and did not seem to mind looking like an incompetent nincompoop.
(Would Kissinger have done that for Nixon?)
Considering how rarely anyone stands up to the Bush Administration, it might be a safe bet.

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