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April 20, 2007


I appreciate the Good News end to this post! Why can't mainstream media news balance something positive (and I mean *balance* versus 28 minutes of horrific, PTSD-inducing blather & 2 minutes left for a human-interest piece??) Argh. JP

I have a 16 year old living with me. He sent me a text message from school telling me that there had been a bomb scare and all the kids were rushed out to sit in the bleachers until the "all clear" signal was given.

I was angry when I found out via a text. The school has the capability of doing mass phone calls & they should've notified the parents and given us the option of picking up our kids. None of that happened. I contacted a local news channel and asked my they hadn't put the story on the news at noon. The response I got was "we don't air that kind of story. Bomb threats are usually not legitimate.

Later in the day, that same news station was running a story about another school in this area where there was a threat against the school with a gun. That was also unfounded but it was still a news story.

Yesterday was a bad day all around.

I'm glad it's over too. All the planets must align in a bad way around that day to cause so much evil.

At least we had a good time celebrating Neil's birthday!

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