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April 15, 2007


This post is quite a masterpiece. When did you become fluent in Yiddish?

I love to hear about people's family history. Your post was amazing.

Beautiful post, I often am saddened by the fact that I had little exposure to my great grandparents, as they all died when I was still in pre-cognitive mode.

Just to clarify, the "live to be 120" tradition is based on the idea that Moshe Rebbeinu lived to 120. Thus, since there is no greater teacher than he, that we should all live to such an age.

Danny where did you get all this stuff. Its great. His yahrzeit is coming up and they always announce his name as Max. Going to change it this year to Itshe Meyer.
We should plan a get together somehow. Lets chat about it.

exquisite. and to tie this narrative to yom hashoa makes such sense. the embers plucked for any reason before the ovens, moved away to live, some like your great grandfather, most exemplary lives. i have such people in my background, too, and i try so hard to honor them in emulating their living out their torah in the largest and tiniest ways. thank you.

Danny, this is a special and beautiful tribute to your late, GREAT great-grandfather!

No doubt the colorful character and well-loved person that he was has been passed on to you. That is a wonderful "yerusha"/inheritance.

I loved Rabbi Cooper's anecdote about the getting the shoes shined in Israel.

May your grandfather's neshama have an aliya.

What a beautiful tribute to such an obviously great man.
We should all aspire to his values.
You are very fortunate to have memories of such ancestors.
Alas, as the baby of my family, I have very faint memories of mine.

A beautiful tribute indeed, and it touched me in other ways as well. From the time I was an infant, my grandfather (the one I wrote about in my blog) sang Oifn Pripetshik to me (although I didn't learn what it meant - or even what the Yiddish words were, until he was long gone). When it played in the background of the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in "Schindler's List", it made the scene even more personally powerful, if that was possible.

As an aside, I may have another connection (however incidental) to your great-grandfather's story: The Rabbi who married my parents, and was at my Bar Mitzvah, Irving Weingart, was married to the former Hilda Graubart

Wow, that is a coincidence, Larry, Irving Weingart was definitely Rabbi Judah Leib Graubart's son-in-law! Do you remember Hilda? I never met her but I hear she was amazing.

I've know I've met her several times a long time ago (the last time would have been in Des Moines, IA, probably 35+ years ago), but don't remember much about her at all. All I do remember is a quiet woman who smiled a lot. Rabbi Weingart, on the other hand, was one of my grandfather's best friends, and in fact the Rabbi was the one who talked to my brother and me when my grandfather died in 1975. He was a very wise and witty man. That was the last time I saw either of the Weingarts.

It's an honor to meet you, Danny, such yichus. It's intimidating in some ways, no, to have such large shoes to fill in the family? What a beautiful post.

This is a book.

Beautiful! It reminds me of a time when my former boss loaned me some money against a bankers advice. Of course, I paid back every penny. Your great grandfather was amazing. These stories are a treasure.

Rabbi Irving Weingart and his wife, Hilda, are my grandparents. Their son, my father, Samuel, is a Rabbi, now living in Florida.

Did Hilda and Irving have any other childen besides Samuel? Did Samuel have any other children besides you, Bruce?

I'm the great grandson of Rabbi Menachem Tzvi Graubart z"zl, the brother of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Graubart z"zl. My mother's maiden name is Roberts: an americanized version of Graubart.

Danny, do you know exactly where Rabbi Yehuda Leib Graubart is buried?

As an aside, I'm in the process of translating Rabbi Yehuda Leib Graubart's books into English.

My Zeide Yossel Baruch Cooper (Joseph Cooper)
was founder of Talmud Torah Eitz Chaim, D'arcy St. Toronto, Ont. Canada.
He is buried beside Itshe Meir Korolnek and Rabbi Graubart in the cemetery on the south side of Roselawn Ave.,east of Bathurst St.
You enter through a small white building, turning to the left when you enter the cemetery.
My Brother & I visit every year before Rosh Hashanah.
Yossel Cooper bought the land for the cemetary and hough they paid him for it, I have been told the deed still has his name on it.
I remember him going to inspect the eruv on foot every year for the community.
He was very active and highly respected in the Jewish community as well as in the Conservative party.
Rabbi Samuel Cooper, his son, Rabbi in Charleston W. Virginia for 49 years is now buried on the North side of the cemetary on Roselawn Ave. also.
Contact Mark Korolnek through Talmud Torah Eitz Chaim as he can direct you to Rabbi Graubart's monument and burial plot.
The Korolnek children and the Cooper children are buried in a row on the north side of Roselawn.Alta Miriam Cooper is in the same section, but a little north of where her children are buried.
The Korolnek & Cooper children are on the north side of Roselawn, the first entrance beside the apartment building.
You can see the monuments as you enter the gate.
Eleanor Richmond, Toronto.

Joseph Baruch Cooper was also my grandfather. I remember hearing stories about Itche Mayer Karolnek from my late mother, Lily (Cooper) Silver, but sadly, don't remember the details. I know they were about 'kehilla mayses' (community business), that Yosef Baruch and Itche Mayer were dealing with. I understood that they checked the eruv (Shabbat boundary fence), which allows one to carry objects within its area, every week, on Friday afternoon.

Does anybody know what happened to Rabbi Yehuda leib Graubart's libary after his petirah I am a grandchild of his wifes sister we are trying to put out a sefer on the Lipshitz family we are looking for letters pictures etc [email protected]

To Matt Bernstein-yes I have a sister Allyson Steselboim who lives in Lafayette, Indiana. I would be interested in a seeing a translation of Rabbi Graubart's works if you are finished with them.

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