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April 04, 2007


There's a series of children's books set in turn of the century New York City. My children adored listening to the "All of a Kind Family" stories on tape, and we all learned so much about Jewish customs and celebrations in the process. I enjoyed reading this...

What an interesting post. I love the image of gentiles doding lettuce leaves.

New twists to the Passover seder "telling" abound, some delightful and profound. On my blog today, I posted about a custom born of feminist sensibilities, seeking inclusiveness in the story of scorned and forgotten populations.

When I had my horrible toothache a few weeks ago, it just made me want to go out and persecute all those who were not like me. What an absurd interpretation.

And, you know, the lettuce may just be a French thing. After all, they're the ones who have that Easter bell when so many of the rest of us in the world have the Easter bunny.

The Yul Brynner shot is something to feast on.

Happy Passover!

I was so happy to read this-my childhood seders were led by my cousins' grandfather who always passed the seder plate over our heads (making sure to touch the top of each of our heads in the process) and I always wondered where that custom came from. Do you know what the explanation is behind this custom? I would love to know. It might be fun to incorporate some of these customs into next year's seder. I love the flinging of greens out the window image.
I was also addicted to reading the "All of a Kind Family" books when I was young and am glad to hear they are still being read (or listened to).

this post was hilarious. you gotta love those de mille one does fake looking egyptians like the man himself. will forever have a soft spot for pharoahs and yul brynner as a result of TTC...biblical epics ROCK

Manuscripts of Medicine at the Pharaohs

Egyptian doctors practices ranging from Embalming, to faith healing to surgery, autopsy corpse. What was divided Avcrac doctor and a magician in Egypt. Would not be unusual for patients to receive dressing for a dog bite, for example, raspberry puree, honey attributable said the wound in addition to the magic mantra for the patient to confusion. The art of healing which Khotab on many levels.

Use autopsy income from the practice of mummification overall for the Egyptians, while it was not possible to examine the mummified body of the cause of the disease which killed him. The evolution of the use of surgery also know Anatomy Ihnt practices statute and Egyptians. From such observations made cautious by medical practitioners first to Egypt, started practices satisfactory to both the status of religious rituals and the lives of ancient Egyptians.

Recipe for a healthy life, (which I almost always meant by a member of the religious sect that someone assumed ritual strict and systematic liquidation (which included many bath, time shaving his head often and body hair), and kept the restrictions against food raw fish and other animals thought to eat dirty .

Also, in addition to lifestyle Purifier, is what was rare for Egyptians to pass the dream analysis to find a cure or cause of the disease, in addition to the question about the priest to help witchcraft, this example clearly illustrates that religious and magical rites Rites cleared Shobaki in the healing process as well as to create style Life is true.

Fairly advanced medical practice in ancient Egypt, with Egyptian doctors will have a broad and excellent reputation.

I think that most Egyptians disease - at least those not caused by accident and clear - was the work of hostile forces: 'discount male or female, spirit or person is dead' It was for this reason that sorcerers, in addition to the physicians were interested in addressing the disease public.

Insect, especially Scorpion bites or snake bites, both very frequent in Egypt, was handled by sorcerers, while showing that there is not a panacea or ointment used, and while we have records of many wills, written on papyrus, magic magical devoted to these incidents.

Documents found that in addition to the many fascinating, useful in the villages and countryside, there is found much less primitive form of medicine. mor...........

This is a very interesting fact. There many things happened in the past and some details of it are revealed by archeologist.

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