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April 13, 2007


You're addicted to writing your blog, and I'm addicted to reading it. Hmmmm...

THis is such an interesting post Danny...First, don't beat yourself up about accessing your emotions through Music, Movies, etc...It has been ever thus for so very many people----ir is what makes us LOVE certain pieces of music and movies....Think of it this way...What if NO Movie or music put you in touch with your feelings---THAT would be terribly scary, I think. And BTW: At The Primal Institute, back in the early 70's they had Primal Night At The Movies....I have never heard such Group Wailing in my life and it was WONDERFUL! "Bambi"? Well....the floor was filled with writhing sobbing bodies...And thank God for that!

About your dear daughter and tghis fabulous experience of being a part of this incredible project: What a special experience for you both! Everything you say about being in a play and or working on a play in almost any capacity of a creative nature is so true! And the "bonding"...well,there is nothing like it! It is hard when it is over, but, it is so precious an experience that one savors the memories throughut your life....And, sometimes, life long friends are made from these intense, beautiful 'happenings'...I.E. Betty & Joyce V.P. for me, to name just two....How really sweet for Leah to be starting this wonderful process at such an early age...And to begin collecting such rich memories! How great for you, too, my dear...Savor every moment, Danny...

You mention feeling "out of sorts" when the lapses between posts grows. I feel the same...about your writing and mine. I feel compelled to write, yet it must be something worthy I put down on the screen.

I kept a journal for years and it was the same problem; I became a slave to the journal; it didn't feel write if I didn't write something -- anything! -- each day in its pages.

I recently posted a question in my blog that was something like "What the hell was I doing before I began blogging?" Although my life was active and fulfilled, it somehow feels even more fulfilled now with my blog and with the blogs I read and some of the online friendships I've made. Yes, life would go on without blogging, but it would just not feel quite as right....

Wow, you must be so proud of Leah. What a fantastic and wonderful opportunity for her and you!

I have finally succumbed to the realization that I do not want to live without my blog. Even if I don't get to post every day, just knowing it is constantly there for me when I return, each and every time, enhances my life and gives me a kind of support I have long yearned for. For it connects me to all kinds of amazingly talented, creative, humorous, intelligent, and emotionally expressive people (like and including you!).

Ah, those bondings and endings. I know exactly what you mean. As a teacher, every year of my life for the past thirty years or so, I feel sorrow and longing for each group of children or students who move on after being with me all year long. It never gets any easier. And yet, I can't imagine living without those bitter-sweet, confusing feelings of becoming close and letting go time and time again. Somehow it deepens and fulfills me.

Thanks for another post that makes me think, and helps me reach into some emotional piece of my mind!

Congrats to Leah!

It's been interesting to me to see the ebb and flow of blogging. When I hit a dry patch with my writing, I often find it extends to my blog reading as well. There are days when I feel like I'm just shouting into the wind, and then times when I feel so inspired and motivated by my readers and all the great writers I encounter. It has all the ups and downs of a "real" relationship, which makes it real to me.

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