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March 07, 2007


Hey, how exciting is this? I get a mention in a tribute to Neilochka's birthday. Danny, you have made my day! Wow! What a party this is turning out to be.

Danny -- This is terrific! I have been an AMC fan since birth, basically. My little brother and I used to tape it while we were in school and then rush home to watch it soon after the Tad-Liza-Marian era that you mentioned; it was more in the Tad-Hilary-Dottie love triangle times. Right before Jenny Martin got blown up on that jet-ski. Ugh! We even used to reenact some of the more ridiculous scenes because they cracked us up so much. I don't tape it anymore, but I read the recaps online and watch it whenever I have a weekday off work. (One Life to Live, too.) I cannot believe you actually KISSED Phoebe. Your constant brushes with fame are nothing compared to that one, if you ask me. She was my favorite character for years -- I was really sad when Ruth Warrick died a couple of years ago. Well, this made my day -- thanks for outing yourself as an Agnes Nixon fan.

I don't watch soap operas, but I do read Neil (and Danny and Tamar). Happy day!

Fantastic! You actually made me miss my TV for the first time in months! Excellent tribute to Ruth, Neil and what I have dubbed "penochka".

Wait--can you name another blogger's penis?

Wow, Danny! Thanks for the flash-backs/AMC history - some of which I knew and a lot that happened since I've been in Europe and away from all that. (In 1980 my former roommate in NYC was in a runway fashion show at which Ruth Warrick emceed. She was so excited to meet "Phoebe.)" I only recently learned from Neil about Dixie's fate and about Brooke leaving the show. You guys are such faithful fans - AMC should give you a pass to meet the cast! :)

Finally, the story of the kiss! I knew you'd come through for me Danny. And omigosh, I'd forgotten the sweet story of Jenny and Greg until Heather brought it up. That's when I stopped watching. How could they kill Jenny?

That was a great tribute to Neil and to AMC. I used to watch it with all the other nurses at lunch when I worked in a clinic. For me, it was the kind of show that was only fun to watch with other people, because you needed to look at other people and ask, "Do you believe that just happened?"

Happy birthday to Neil, from those of us who were experiencing technical difficulities until a couple of days ago and couldn't participate in the carnival.

Erica Kane is so awesome! I can't wait to see her and Rosie O'Donnell on SOAPnet during "Soapnet Reveals" at 6 pm ET/PT this Saturday!

I'm not the least bit surprised to discover you watch All My Children, just adds to your character. I, too, have siblings to blame for my addiction to Days of Our Lives to which they hooked me when I was a teenager, after my mocking it and them for watching it. I actually scheduled classes around it when I was in college (you know, pre-DVR and even pre-video, for most college students, days, what else was I going to do?)and got my roommate hooked as well. And I see the plots for both shows are very similar.

Remember that last big scene in Tootsie? Dustin Hoffman's big announcement? You need to recite the first few paragraphs of this while decending a staircase and ripping off a wig. That would be awesome.

I started watching AMC at about the same time as you - I remember the Nina/Cliff drama (she was really beautiful, what ever happened to her?) and Susan Lucci's brother's speed problems and also his relationship with Brooke, who I guess just now got fired due to Dixie's blog, oh wait, who is real again?

And let's not forget Tad's sister Jenny! She graduated to some crime drama soap I believe.

Susan Lucci looks freaking scary these days.

I started watching AMC in college and have been hooked ever since. I tape it during the day and watch it at night. My family thinks I'm nuts, but it is one of my guilty pleasures!!

Oh, my gosh. You watch AMC. That's the coolest thing I've ever heard. It's such an awful show, worse than "Survivor" (not that I can resist that either), but I've watched it almost all my life. You just can't shake a habit like that.

I watched AMC from approximately 1977 to... I don't know, into the early 90s. I had also, back in the early years, picked up three 2-year novels of AMC, so I got to read about Erica and Jeff and Chuck in high school. That left me with only a 1-year gap. Every once in a while I'll turn it on and see how easy it would be to get sucked back in, but the time commitment and all the plastic surgery freaks me out.
Cliff and Nina, Jenny and Jesse (I am an old friend of John Pizzarelli, jazz great, who was in Jesse's band back then!)and the brilliant mother daughter casting of Edna and Dottie Thorton.
I really tried to come up with a rhyme for Lucci but I got to tired. Alas, my ode is Lucci-free.

I don't watch this one, but I started a blog for addicts of the Spanish language telenovelas - many of whom have been watching them for years WITHOUT KNOWING ANY SPANISH AT ALL. We blog them in English at and there are LOTS of us...

Um, me too. I am an on and off watcher of AMC. I watched in in high school and college, then turned my allegiance to another soap for a while, then moved back to AMC when I was pregnant, stopped watching when I was working a lot, and started back up a couple of years ago. Therefore I have huge holes in my background knowledge of how Silver and Kendall were related to Erica, for example, and whatever happened to Ruth Martin. But now that I'm back to Pine Valley full time, I must admit that I'm totally enjoying the Zoe/Bianca storyline. I hope something radical comes of it.

Do you read Cady's blog? (Dixie)

I've been watching All My Kids since ... grade school, I think. All the kids on St Louis Ave watched it. We'd get together at someones house to watch. :)

My sister named her two oldest kids Liza & Adam after AMC's two most wicked characters. How's that for AMC devotion?


I just revisited this post. I can't wait to see what you write after the two hour finale on the 23rd. I've been watching since it premiered when we were kids, 41 years ago. I don't know what I'll do without my daily hour of Pine Valley. Hell, I even watched it the 5 years I was stationed in Germany ... even though we were 6 months behind back in those days.

I think the world is coming to an end.

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