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March 11, 2007


Ha ha. I don't need that helpful advice, I've been doing it for years.

At first I thought it was funny that I didn't recall the extended DLST from the sevenites, but then I remembered that I was living in Arizona back then, and they didn't partake.

I always do. One of my favorite people has a sign in her living room window facing the street that says, Is it 2008 yet? It's been there awhile.

We didn't have that two year respite here in California....It must have been very strange walking to school in the freezing cold and Dark Too!!!

I do not understand how they are able to tack on all sorts of stuff to a bill like that---Add Ons...that screw everything up and in reality that is how these carpet baggers in D.C. do their dirty work and feed their greed addiction....! Texas always benefits, doesn't it?
Wouldn't it be interesting to read about what the actual financial worth of Bush & Cheney, et all---REALLY is....with all the Oil intetests and The Haliburton interests...OY!

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