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March 04, 2007


I can't even watch or listen to her. When she talks about women that way, it makes you wonder if she understands that she is one.

She's kind of the Howard Stern of conservative politics, and just as annoying and ridiculous.

I can't figure out how she gets away with this garbage. Surely some on the right are having trouble stomaching her by now. I wonder what it will take for one of her own to finally denounce her? Or will she one day be led off in a straight jacket, still babbling about her long list of people she hates?
Thanks for exposing her latest madness.

OK, now I want to lock her in a room with Perez Hilton and see who emerges alive.

I was going to say she had that intellect, maturity, and language skills of a seventh grader but I didn't want to insult all the seventh graders out there who put her to shame.

I adore the comparison! Ooh, she makes the hairs rise on the back of my neck.

I think I remember something about Purim and you and Kendall and me, no?

Plus, I have been wondering when Purim is!! I used to love it back in my Israel days. I love the idea of drinking so much that we get the names of the good and bad guys mixed up ... as a mizvah, I mean.

Looks like we have the bad guys all tied together here, though. Let's bag 'em up and chuck them out! Then there could be dancing in the streets and without our masks!

Danny, I am going to have to ask my beloved friend Rachel to make some coultertaschen for next Purim, (though I am not sure I'd still have an appetite after thinking about Bigotty Ann); Rachel brought us some delicious vegan kiwi & boysenberry hamantaschen for dessert on Friday night. Your synagogue sounds like a wonderful place; if only everyone had a place to gather and share beliefs that was so tolerant and so much FUN!

Coulter sickens and disgusts me. I've expressed my revulsion on my blog several times over the years, including my reaction to her recent comments about Edwards.

Once, I called her schtick so gruesome, you find yourself unable to resist casting an eye her way when she has one of these outbreaks. Sort of like how we respond to the three-car crackup you pass on an Interstate.

Why didn't the CPAC people disavow her on the spot?

Why didn't somebody say, "Sorry, Ms. Coulter, your Q-and-A has been canceled and your transportation to the nearest sewage treatment facility has been arranged"?

Why was she invited to speak there in the first place?

And why, given her track record for hateful invective, did Mitt Romney agree to introduce her?

In spite of what was, at the least, a horrific lack of judgment on Romney's part when it came to associating himself with Coulter, the group apparently picked the former Massachusetts governor as their first choice for President. (And calling his decision "a horrific lack of judgment" is putting it most charitably.) What is up with that?

A few weeks ago, my son, who works at a Starbucks and happens to be heterosexual, incurred the anger of some teenage boys because he couldn't comply with their request for a free refill on one of their fancy drinks. They began speaking in stage whispers about Phil, calling him the f-word.

His manager looked at these children of privilege--the Starbucks where my son works is in the wealthiest part of Cincinnati, some miles from where we live--and said, "This is my friend. You're invited to leave."

When my son and I talked about it later, he told me, "The thing is, Dad, John [not the real name of a co-worker with whom Phil was also working that night] really is gay. I cringed when these guys said this. But I was glad that John hadn't been the one who'd to refuse their request."

We agreed that no matter what one's beliefs about homosexuality, the term those kids (and Coulter) used is no better than the n-word. It's reprehensibly dehumanizing.

If there is any authenticity to the evangelical Christian view that all of us are sinners redeemed by a gracious God, then humility alone should prevent someone like Coulter, who claims to be Christian, from spewing such garbage. Or at least to apologize.

For a Christian like myself who, as you know, Danny, adheres to a more traditional view of sexuality, Coulter's comments about Edwards are doubly disturbing. That's because for the general public, not only has she defamed homosexuals and John Edwards, she's also defamed me and millions of other evangelical Christians who want to love all of our fellow sinners into a relationship with Christ. She's fed a stereotype of Christians as nasty and judgmental to a public increasingly unaware of what Christian faith really is. It ticks me off!

What outrages me almost as much as the substance of Coulter's verbal explosions is that every time we have another one of these eruptions from her, people like you and me, even from our diverse perspectives, feel the need to attend to what she's said. That is what she's aiming for, of course. But maybe if groups like CPAC or cable news networks wouldn't amplify her bile, we wouldn't have to try to clean up the messes she always leaves behind.

God bless you, Danny.

Mark Daniels

Hi, Danny --

You're right on in your assessment of that shrill, skeletal scold, Ann Coulter. But, that isn't why I've taken computer to hand. I'm doing so to thank you for broadening my intellectual/cultural horizons.

First, until I read today's blog, I had no idea that Good King Ahasuerus was Xerxes I of Thermopylae fame. Thanks for that. It should make for a good nugget of dinner-table conversation.

Second, until you identified BCC in Los Angeles as the world's first GLT Synagogue, I had thought that distinction belonged to Beth Simchat Torah in New York which has been operating at least since the early 1970s. In fact, I was ready to challenge you, but a quick google check revealed Beth Simchat Torah is "second oldest."

I have been humbled.

Bob C.

Along the lines of"the terrible things that happen when neocons try to be funny" I was flipping through the channels last night and came across a show on the Fox Propaganda Network called "The Half Hour News Hour." I watched in horror as FN aired a show that, I suppose, is an answer to Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." Anyway, it was a mock news show and so embarrassingly bad that I could only watch in horror for a couple of minutes before I came to my senses enough to flip the channel. But what I saw said it all. The jokes were indicative of what happens when mean spirited people attempt humor--deeper insight into their cowardly (homophobic) meannness.

Listening to Randi Rhodes on AIR AMERICA this afternoon, she brought up the idea that perhaps Anne is a man: check out her adams apple...and he/she is really attracted to john edwards.

Only YOU could come up with such a great comparison! Every so often, I torture myself by deciding to read what "the enemy" has to say. I only made to about page four of one of Coulter's books. Your description of her as one of those bullying sorority girls is so dead-on.

Danny: Great post as usual.

Although I find Coulter's humor just a tad too Hitlerian for my tastes, I am not shocked by her, and I beg everyone else not to be.

Shock is what puts bread on her table. She may have begun with a principle or an idea in mind -- say, a reaction against liberalism and especially the censorship of the politically correct -- but now she's just feeding the beast within her that wants to stay famous and get more famous. Even infamy is desirable if all you want is more and more attention. And shock garners attention.

It's just not worth it, although I'll add one caveat to that: if she's not just Andrew Dice Clay in drag; if she's not just giving voice to ugliness but actually nourishing a national ugliness that will rise due to her efforts; then she should be hounded out of town.

One last thing, and I hope you'll forgive me for this, but if you do search on "Ann Coulter" and certain cruder terms for anal sex, you'll come up with a viciously funny but very pornographic blog that turns her ugliness back on her in a most amazing way.

Not that I endorse that.

You did wonderfully in this post to talk so fairly about such an outrageous and narrow-minded woman. You and your delightful mentschlekhkeit...

That said, she makes even my eyelashes hurt with her outrageousness. Oy.

Oh that Coulter is a hideous thing. On the other hand, we keep giving her the attention she craves, especially important (or those who'd like to be so)conservatives. Sad. Excellent article - better than most of the anti-Coulter articles out there because, here, we got to read about truly important things, such as the BCC and Purim and your celebration.

Ann Coulter is an abomination...A Scary one, to be sure, but an Abomination none the less. I'm sick to my stomach too, but not from anything I ate!

Ugh, I so wish I had something important to say about this, but I just don't. My mind get's all warped when I try to think of what possesses her to say such things. And then, I realize that maybe I've had it all along.


Thanks for the great insight, as always.

And if I were to stoop to her level, I guess I would have to ask the only question I have ever wondered; "Ann, why the long face?"

I hope Ann gets hemorrhoids and herpes at the same time. I don't think Jesus likes the things that come out of her mouth, although I really can't speak for him.

I happen to think Ann has a pretty good idea of what the liberal media is really up to... I agree with her most of the time. She sure stirred up "The View" today. Regardless of what you think of her, you should check out this clip... it's freakin' hilarious!

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