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March 08, 2007


Do you think those people would pay $3400 to feed and clothe some homeless nobody? that's what I think is sad, not just that they are celebrity obsessed, but that people would never use their money to help someone who was really in need, but instead give it to someone who owns a mansion and jet sets all over the world.

And I thought the Police charging $100 to be in their fan club was bad!

Uh -- I'd pay Meryl $3,400.

But I see your point. And I have to agree, I think the saddest thing is that it looks like he's just panhandling for money.

When other celebs sign autographs for a fee and donate that to charity, it just seems like a sad, slow end, to somoene who, for a time was, arguably the most talented individual in pop music.


All the sad stories in the news aren't about people dying, sometimes they're about people living.

(Oops. Lest my comment be misconstrued, let me clarify: no I don't mean I wish Michael Jackson would die, I mean it's sad to see the way some people who are financially privileged live such empty lives.

I wouldn’t pay $3400 if I could get Meryl Streep to read aloud to me every night before bed.

But the real question is, would you pay Michael Jackson $3,400 to read aloud to you? :D

I still think he looks scary. lol
So few people would motivate anything close to glee to meet them.

I read your comment, and I too agreed. We were only lucky enough to begin going last year, but last year's STAGE show was wonderful. If I had to say what it lacked, other than more rehearsal, I'd say just what you said: personal interaction and conversation. I so loved hearing Carole & Betty & Bruce Vilanch talk to the audience last year. It made it more personal. But, that said, what a great charity and chance to hear some New York voices. :)
Going to see Billy Connolly tonight. And Speed the Plow over the weekend.


Michael didn't lighten his skin.He has a skin disease called Vitiligo.It takes out the pigmentation in skin. He hasn't had that many operations.If you saw a black person and pictured him white he would look different too. Also he had to have skin graph surgery because of the pepsi commercial incident. You people are so ignorant and naive ,you believe every newspaper article there is.If a newspaper said that your partner is cheating on yuo,you'd automatically believe them too wouldn't you?

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