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March 19, 2007


Hi, Danny --

Once more, you've given us a fine column.

Your recall of Senator Hoey's comments led me to recall how far we've advanced.

I remember when in the early 1950s, the unlamented Senator McCarthy reported he'd discovered more than 100 homosexuals in the State Department, Our local newspaper ran an editorial wondereing where the State Department had managed to find so many. "We wouldn't have thought there were that many in the country," it said!

Bob C.

It is fascinating to me that McCarthey had as his lead counsel or whatever the title was back then, a well known though rather closeted homosexual...Roy Cohen. And I had always heard some rumors about McCarthey himself...Nothing would surprise any of us today...including possibly that General Pace has unexplored homosexual feelings...Like that Religeous Zealot who's name escapes me at the moment, who was "outed" by a male prostitute/drug pervayor...OY, Indeed!

Great post, my dear....Did you happen to watch The L Word last night? An interesting dilemma with a young woman in the Military.

You are so right that the most honest person..though I loathe his beliefs, was General Pace. But I must say, I like that John Edwards was as forthcoming as he was...

What a strange & bizarre time we live in. When News and Gossip are alomst interchangeable in some quarters!

You had me at "Don't Ask, Don't F**K"

I'm an Episcopalian, and as you may know, the American church is being torn apart by the election of an openly gay bishop with a live-in partner. The issue, which has been simmering in the church, boiled over a few years ago with Gene Robinson's election in NH. Right now, the worldwide Anglican communion wants to sever ties with the American church and individuals and parishes have also broken ranks within the American hierarchy. There are lawsuits, debates, hard feelings, hurt feelings, and name calling. It's UGLY.

When Robinson was elected, my small country church in Virginia was led by one of the first women ever ordained to the Episcopal priesthood. She called in a mediator to moderate and invited everyone to a meeting to discuss their views. The interesting thing about that meeting was that some of the folks I expected to be upset by the gay bishop weren't, and others that I thought were broadminded, liberal, and well educated proved not to be any of those things.

When a former enlisted Marine who had been raised in rural Louisiana stood up and expressed support for gays--I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. His wife came from an old Southern clergy family, and she wept when she said how happy she was to see the barriers coming down.

The Old Old Lady of the Hills notes that Roy Cohn, a big-time tormenter of gays at congressional hearings, was a closeted gay.

Even when he was dying of Aids, Cohn insisted he had an ailment of the liver.

The playwright Tony Kushner defined it best. In his play Angels in America, Cohn denies he's gay. He says he's a hetereosexual who has sex with men. "Homosexuals have no power," he says, and he has.

Bob C.

Another great piece of writing. It blows me away that this is still in issue in 2007.

Excellent. And that first comic is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Hey Danny,

Did you know that Frederick Von Steuben was gay? ha ha We went to a high school named after a gay man. No wonder I followed his footsteps and enlisted.

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