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March 31, 2007


Beautiful tribute. Thomas was definitely blessed to have such a loving family and loving friends.

Wonderful stories, Danny. I, too, enjoyed learning of Thomas in Kendall's book. And it's wonderful to see that he kept his sense of humor to the end. I hope you keep the book this time. You can turn the cover inside out, but you should keep the book.

Dear Danny and Kendall,
I feel extremely privileged to have met Uncle Thomas a few years ago. I am holding you in my thoughts. This post is not only a beautiful tribute to the man, Danny, but most especially to Kendall's darling family. Hugs to you both.

As usual I am rendered speechless by your words.

Please know that my prayers are with you and your loving family. And thank you so much for sharing a part of them with us.

Uncle Thomas was definitely one of a kind! I will miss him. Please give my love to Kendall, Betsy and Brooke. Tell them I love them. Those snippets from Kendall's book make me want to read it again.

your sister

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. From what you've written, it sounds like it's really all of ours.

What a wonderful, wonderful tribute to a man who will obviously be greatly missed. All I knew of Thomas was what I read in Kendall's book, but between the two of you you've brought him to life for me. He'll be remembered. My condolences to you and your family for your loss.

What a great tribute! I feel as if I knew the guy. Condolences to your family.

Danny, Dear
Beautifully written as usual. Who will take Uncle Thomas' place calling me with daylight savings changes? I nominate you. Much love to you and Kendall.

Oh My Dear Dears...I am soooo very sorry. I wondered if Thomas was still with us and felt like it could not be possible--How could he possibly have lasted this long...Strong Strong Strong. That's how. This is such wonderful tribute to a man that was about as eccentric s anyone I've ever known...I always loved going to visit him upstairs in that wonderful full-of-life room of his....I laughed at your description of the Masks, Danny, especially at Christmastime---I remember them well---All in their Christmas Hats! (This post is so full of humanity--It made me cry and laugh, too...)

Thomas was unique person in so very many ways and I know the Hailey clan will miss him terribly---these losses leave a hole in ones heart....I send my deepest sympathy to one and all....
I will call Betsy tomorrow.

So beautiful..what more could one add? A great glimpse into a wondrous soul. I'll just have to read the book for the rest of the story. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Danny. In spite of the family of writers, I'm not sure anyone else could have done such a wonderful job evoking Thomas. I will miss our conversations - he was one of the few people who would talk sports with me for as long as I wanted and the only one who would reminisce about the old Southwest Conference.


Thank you for your loving tribute to Thomas. He was and is a dear man, unlike any other.

He, and Hallie Mae, were a large part of my "formative years", and were kind and indulgent beyond belief to a young boy in Dallas. I will always remember them both---with a big smile.


Thank you for your support, Danny.

Still miss him to this day.

Kendall and Danny-

email us your address...we have a Channukah gift for Charlie...

Josh Michelson & Esther Gandal
(son & daugher-in-law of Louise-long-time family friend)

We all love the blog and pictures...even though we have to print it out for Louise to see!

[email protected]

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