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March 02, 2007


What a wondeful post Danny, and such a rich experience with Isabella Rossellini....I remember when all that happened and how Bergman was condemned--across the board. It's almost impossible to realize that something like that happened in the way that it did when today it would be a blip on the rader of celebrity! I so feel for Isabella and her siblings that they had to live with the fallout from this, as the years went on. You make me want to get that book and see that sounds so imaginative!

What a crazy world we have lived in and still live in....I think the worst thing was Bergman being condemned on the floor of congress....How crazy is that? Nothing better to do, boys...(It was mostly a "boys" club back then...)? OY VEY!

The last sentence is absolutely perfect.

This is a great description of the night. I found her humor interesting, and I had never heard the TWA story. Also, she said something about not going to Hollywood until she was 25, I think, which would have been around her father's death. By the way, she also was there Monday for a reservation only event about her mother, which was attended by Charlotte Chandler (the author of the new Ingrid biography that was at Wednesday's event).

Incidentally, would it be possible for the photo you took that night to be freely licensed for inclusion in the wikipedia article on her, since there is no picture on there currently, except for the "Some of Me" book cover.

Losing respect for you? Never! Especially when the fawning surrounds Isabella Rossellini!

As a gay man I have to say that I am mesmerized by her. I don't know if it's that beautiful face, that wonderful accent, or her bold attitude about life. Maybe it's the entire Isabella experience.

Though you say it best when you comment on the transcendent aura of Isabella Rossellini.

As always a wonderful post, and thank you so much for allowing me to live, through you, the experience that is Isabella!

Hi, Danny, I just discovered you today because I was looking for Kendall Hailey. I, too, loved her book and gave it to many friends. Then I saw in the archives the articles about Isabella Rosellini, so I had to read them as well. I think she is beautiful..and never more so than in the movie "Cousins", a nice little movie and mostly overlooked. I have to go now but I shall return to read more things in your archives. Lots of provocative titles to check out. Hello to Kendall and her mother whose books I am rereading and enjoying just as much as the first time.

I just discovered this blog and I love it,especially since I am from Chicago and graduated from Bogan High School in 1972.
In 1978 my husband and I lived in New York for one year. One of the anchors for the nightly news was Pia Lindstrom. She also looked very much like her mother.

I don't think Pia was the anchor: she reviewed theatre, but she was on frequently (I doubt that too many TV stations now review theatre regularly on the nightly news!).

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