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February 26, 2007


No way does Clint speak Italian. I don't, but even I could recognize some things in the speech that didn't even come close to what Clint "translated." Which means ... either the guy decided to say whatever the hell he felt like (instead of what he said he would say earlier) or Clint really should have worn his glasses.

Danny, between this and Amba's report, I feel I was there even though I missed watching it on tv. Thanks for your amusing, observant and self-aware observations, better than most of those self-obsessed stars.

Great commentary, Danny - I agreed with you on so many of these points - I, too have the weird push/pull of being slightly sickened by the enormous ego of this industry and completely swept away by the tide anyway - yes, the creative excitement is very heady and one of my favorite things? The "writing" montage of all the writers in films - great stuff..

Danny, Danny, Danny. You're the best -- and your commentary makes my Top 10 List of how to get over not being able to see the Oscars live here in the UK (that is, unless you're hooked up to some godawful cable collective that we'd only use -- you guessed it -- once a year, around NOW). Anyway, your detailed "preview" will tide me over until John finds a decent download of the show. Last year it took a week, but it was worth it: no commercials to sit through, and we could fast-forward past the uber-absurdities.

PS: A few comments: Why does Jack look like Tweety Bird? Love seeing Diane Keaton in an open-necked gown for a change. Meryl Streep has looked better, but her black Prada gown was part of the joke. I still think Halle Berry's acceptance speech is right down there with Gwyneth Paltrow's as two of the most cringe-inducing moments in the history of live television. Thankfully, it seems we're finally beyond colour-coding the nominees and winners; the world is moving ahead in one direction, at least!

Thanks again for a great post, Danny. I adore Ellen DeGeneres, but I think that her performance as M.C. fell a bit short of my expectations. Yes, and there was that Willy Wonka velvet pantsuit...
You're on target about everything else, Danny, and I love the way you wrote about your ambivalence about the winners and losers (eg. Witherspoon and Huffman last year.)

That was great. I have that insensitivity problem, too. I am a feminist, yet make remarks about all the women's appearances, etc. I agree on a lot of your top 10. Loved Ellen, loved that being gay is not even an issue anymore in this broadcast, think Jack Nicholson is a super-freak, etc.

Loved the Oscar's commentary. I even posted a section of it on my own Blog.

Loved this posting. I too find the oscars repellent and yet I'm glued to the screen. As I read I couldn't help but remember speeches and moments from past shows so I guess I've been this way for a while--since the 70s!?!
You are right about Thelma Schoonmaker's grace under pressure. I wish I had one tenth her poise!

I loved your positive post. I have to admit that I pressed the mute button the whole time Celine Dion sang. Snark. Snark.

BTW, Danny, have you noted that those two successful, confident and charismatic actors hoisting their Oscars in the top picture are TOTALLY BALD?

Great post.

I'm gonna have more bad dreams about Jack Nicholson, now that he's shaved his head.

Here's where I totally 100% agree with you and was applauding within to read you write it:
Celine Dion - oy!!, Meryl Streep - a God, Halle was right - how far we've come, "we got over it" (at least, at the Oscars), Al Gore, funny guys can sing, Mirren with Walters. And I'm sure there's more. I adored how your "speech" went on and on and no piano tinkling could get you to stop.

Fabulous post. Thanks so much!

Oy, Tamar, that's it—I think you hit on why the musical bum's rush given to Oscar winners makes me so crazy—I HATE being told to shut up! And yet my blog would probably benefit from the Academy orchestra cueing me to wrap it up!

I really enjoyed the visual picture of you talking to the TV, snarking and then feeling guilty and then snarking some more. Of course I would NEVER do that. ; )

I saw a bit of the Oscar show. Having only seen 'Cars,' I felt no need to watch the whole thing.

But my main reaction to what I did see was how much I love Ellen DeGeneres. Her nerdy persona was the perfect counterpoint to the glitz and inflated self-importance that so often characterizes Oscar night.

Yet her humor is so gently rendered that it avoids the nastiness that sometimes passes for satire these days. (Just today in fact, I wrote about the lack of genuine satire and the need of it:


OY! I was writing a whole long thing and it got eaten up somehow---Something I did no doubt....Well, I will try again.
I hesitated coming to read your "take" because I still have Part 3 of my own take to finish...(LOL)..But I am glad I did...I love reading your thoughts and feelings about all this.
I am so very glad you have have revised your opinion of Halle Berry's speech. For me it was one of the most moving and truthful Oscar speeches, ever! You and I, as white people, will never know the pain and indignities that people of color have had to endure on a daily basis...sometimes hourly---and STILL have to endure. RE: Michael Richards. So to hear someone say the things she did which came from the deepest part of her heart and soul, I applauded her, and still do. Give me honesty from the heart, every time! It was important what she said and the truth, too wether people want to hear it or not. This was her moment, and more doors were indeed opened.
I won't say anymore, my dear, except to say come on back to my blog on Friday...I hope to have Part 3 posted....(Did you think you felt as much as you did about it? It stirs one, doesn't it, if you love love love the movies the way we do.
I hope you and Kendall are both well, and that one of these days, I will see your sweet faces.

Omigod this post made me laugh so hard I peed my pants and had
to put on new pants, I'm not even kidding. The part about how you'd prefer Jennifer Hudson singing a dirge at your funeral to
you know who doing... well, you know. Can't take it. Thanks Danny!

I was just glad that Joan Rivers and her daughter were nowhere in sight. I thought Ellen was hilarious...I am reminded of years ago when there was a horrible opening number with Rob Lowe dancing and singing some cheesy was quite, well, horrid. I just looked it up because I wasn't sure about it and found this...scroll down to read the blurb on the performance, it is hilarious
And my last comment, Meryl Streep...she used to shop at a store in Pacific Palisades that I worked in in highschool and she was the most beautiful, gracious, lovely celebrity I have ever come across. She really shines.

I am so happy you commented on the whole "Oscar" curse. Curse that we want so badly to have an Oscar of our own, and yet, want that very trophy, perhaps, on our own terms. As a child I, like many I'm sure, dreamed of walking that stage and thanking all those who helped me achieve greatness.

And Meryl Streep! I have been lucky enough to meet and interact with my fare share of celebrities, but I honeslty have to say, if I were allowed just five minutes with La Streep, I'm sure they'd call the cops because I would fawn so much that she would think me a stalker. She is the greatest actress the world has seen in some time, and she is so natural about it that it makes me love her even more.

I will say, however, that as unfair as this may be, I still hold a grudge against Dame Dench. Her win for Shakespear In Love over Lynn Redgraves performance in God's And Monsters is something I still can't reconcile.

Anyway, a late entry to the comments section of this post, but as always, a great post!!

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