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February 25, 2007


Ooh, I've been waiting for your pre-Oscar article, Danny! And you didn't disappoint me, including giving me information about our own dear Queen and Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov. Fabulous!

Am all prepared for our own Oscar party for two - can't wait!

Behind the scenes at the 1957 Oscars--what a concept. Loved the tidbits about Helen Mirren and the Oscar for the expat writer.

I knew I could count on you for some great Oscar Night trivia. I'm still disappointed that Babel didn't win best picture.

Wow. I love your Hollywood History Lessons.

Thank you Danny. I enjoyed reading about the Oscars fifty years ago. Sometimes it is hard to understand the choice that they make for awards.
I had a great time on Saturday night going to a local theatre and seeing all the movies that were nominated for best picture for action shorts and documentary shorts. I was very disappointed with the movies that won "West Bank Story" and "The Blood of the Yingzhou District". Those two were our least favorites. West Bank Story was like the reviewer said " a bad SNL skit". "The Blood of the Yingzhou District" was a worthy story about children with AIDS and orphaned from AIDS in China, but it was too long and not my favorite.

I thought the best ones were "Helmer and Sons" for action shorts-- a great story about father and son."Recycled Life" was an amazing documentary which took four years to shoot about people who work in the garbage dump in Guatemala. The producers were interviewed last night and they said the film had an impact and things are changing which I am glad to hear.

If you get the opportunity to see the shorts--don't miss it. It is a fabulous time and it felt good to support these film makers.

I love your historical '57, i was 9 & my parents would let me stay up to see the oscars after i pretended to go to sleep with my sister but got up after she fell asleep. this was the first time it wasn't painful to watch...ten years ago around 11pm while watching the oscars's i got a call my best friend was lying unconsious in the hospital, never to awken.
enthralled by Forest Whitaker's speech..perfectly eloquent from the heart..i must see his film. I haven't seen most of the films...just pan's labyrinth which i loved. watching oprah's after oscar's is just wonderful..ellen in red and white with blue background.."don't block the blessing", oprah says, she says. "I feel blessed...every day.
bill ferrell..first of all, I've got to bless jesus..jesus hernandez

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