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February 10, 2007


Enjoy the mishpocha!
Tell your sister that I had the same muff when I was about 8 years old (some 37 years ago), but mine wasn't faux was rabbit fur, and came with matching ear muffs. And no, my parents didn't buy fur for me when I was eight -- it was a hand-me-down from a cousin.

Oy, there you are! Glad you're back.

(Woot! Woot! New Wilco!)

Music. Relatives. Jews. Nazi Germany. The only thing missing from making this an ideal post is a starlet from old Hollywood.

1. I love Wilco.

2. You know how much I love old photos and that is a great one.

3. Your mom is gorgeous.

4. My mom had a frosted bouffant wig she wore about that time.

5. My daughter was obsessed with reading The Diary of Anne Frank, Devil's Arithmetic and any other Holocaust book she could find when she was in 4th and 5th grade and she's only 1/8 Jewish. (her great grandmother moved to Mexico to escape religious intolerance in Germany)

6. Once again, you've written a great post.

Wow, this is great news. I told you that we watched the movie, "You're Trying to Break my Heart," about Wilco, last night on the Sundance Channel. Tom loves Wilco so much he couldn't stop watching to eat dinner! I will certainly show him this post. It feels like synchronicity - us seeing the movie and your writing the post ... or is it *just* a coincidence?


And... third reich connections.

I saw Wilco at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennesssee in 2004.One of the best acts at the Festival. Also loved their work with Billy Bragg and the Woody Guthrie songs. Not a big fan of the Nazi's work, however.Way to genocidal.

I am ashamed that I don't know "Wilco"...sometimes the age-gap is just too much, you know? (LOL) But I say OY all the time, and OY VEY, and OY VEY IZ MEER, too! So satisfying, isn't it? Your nephew will be saying it soon enough, Danny! (LOL) And speaking of music....I just posted a bit ago a whole thing on that fantastic talent, Billy Strayhorn. Maybe you are too young to know who he is! OY!

Hey, we **all** get anxious when you don't post. Don't do that to us anymore!!

Your nephews are gonna be heart-breakers.

That picture of the Three Wilcoteers is fantastic. I can't wait for the new record!

I have that same anxiety problem when I go too long without posting (which I knew was going to happen if I started a blog, but oh well, the rewards have far outweighed that problem).

And your sister's muff is exactly the sort I so admired when I saw other girls sporting them when I was about that age, but I never got one of my own.

Your mom! Sigh. The hair, the coat, the purse, the perfect pretty face and blue peepers. She looks like her name should be Trixie, and she should have her own show.

Give my pretend daughter and grandsons a hug from me. One for you, too.
Pretend Grandma Elaine

Hi Danny,

Love the picture of your brother in law and nephews. They look just like Sue. I swear I can remember her carrying that fur to school! She still looks great. Does she still have the fur?

Take care,

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