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January 23, 2007


I'm disgruntled. I cannot believe that the amazing "Children of Men" was passed over in favor of the utterly boring, pretentious and slow-moving "Babel". But then, I wasn't crazy about "Little Miss Sunshine", either. Cute, yes. Best picture of the year, no. Top five of the year? To me, no.

Agree with you about Helen Mirren, though. She's a shoo-in... and I guess Kate Winslet still has time for many more Oscar-worthy performances.

And yeah, I can't believe I get worked up about this, either.

I don't believe for one minute that you dislike or even hate the Oscars, my are hooked! Yes, Hooked, but good! (lol)....And I love that you are.
I truly do hope that "Letters From Iwo Jima" wins the Best Picture. It probably won't, but I want it to. I've seen ALL the pictures and if "Little Miss Sunshine" doesn't win...which it just might....I hope that "Letters" does. I think it is for me, The Best Picture and this in a year when all the films Nominated are truly worthy, which doesn't happen very often any more because there aren't that many really Great Pictures....BUT, "Letters" is one of the best anti-war WAR films I have ever seen in all my 75 1/2 years of movie going....Deeply moving and truthful in it's humanity. I'm not an Academy member so what I feel doesn't mean squat...but, now you've heard my opinion, too.
And I dearly hope you keep writing about this show that you can't stand, a whole lot more before 'The Night", and after, too!

Awesome post. I feel more educated about the Oscar picks than I ever have by reading the "professional" movie critics. We all need cheese in our lives and Oscar's as good as any.

Just a note to say I found your blog a few weeks ago and love reading what you have to say. Please keep it up!

We just start like this. Hello everyone, I'm an Oscarholic and I admit I'm powerless.

Get some soft slippers (a couple of pair) to throw at the screen. You have to throw SOMETHING!

I have hardly seen any movie nominated this year. I am going to try and see "The Queen" this weekend (hopefully, it will still be playing at my local movie theater then.) I guess that I will be discovering most of those films when they come out on DVD.

Thanks for a great post that really laid out the Academy Awards for me. One thing that I always do is watch them.

I haven't seen many films this year but wholeheartedly agree with your praise of "Dreamgirls" and the actor/actresses you mentioned. Jennifer Hudson's solo halfway through that movie was nothing short of phenomenal. She walloped the song with so much emotion I was exhausted just listening. It was terrific.

Eddie Murphy is not a great actor and I tire of endless juvenile gags and "fart" jokes in most of his movies, but you are right about him here, too. He showed real talent portraying Jimmy Early.

Can't beat that soundtrack either.

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