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January 04, 2007


Great post, Danny. I lived in Charlotte during the reign of the Bakker family. (I'm about Jay Bakker's age.) My dad was endlessly fascinated by the PTL and their theme-park compound, Heritage USA. We used to drive down there to see the Christmas lights. Speakers blasted Tammy Faye singing Christmas carols, and every few yards were billboards advertising her albums. One year, we went to Heritage USA on Easter. The waterslide park wasn't open for the season yet, but there were still wonders to behold. The indoor mall had a moving cloudscape projected on the ceiling. There was a store that sold cosmetics and I am pretty sure it was named after Tammy Faye. We took a bus tour of the park and the chirpy tour guide started singing a Bible song. "Come on, kids," she implored my brother and me, "you know this one!" Uh, no... we really didn't! My Catholic/Jewish family was definitely there to gawk at the fundie freak show. That's sad about Tammy Faye's cancer, though. I had no idea. I was impressed with the way she reinvented herself after she divorced Bakker. She does seem like a genuinely good person, however spotlight-obsessed.

Did you make this up...??!!

Does it seem like parody? No, it's all true and I really do have great respect for Jay Bakker's ministry. But don't worry, David, I'm not becoming a fundamentalist Christian. I'd have to change the name of my blog...

Now you've got me wanting to watch this. My heart bled for Jim and Tammy Faye's kids when their whole sordid scandal exploded. I imagined what they thought about the t-shirts that came out with two smudges and a red gash saying "I Ran Into Tammy Faye At The Mall". Remember those?

But about Dr. 90210 - I am compelled to watch because I need to see Hayley Rey regain her weight and lose those mouth sores. Are they mouth sores, or are her lip implants stretching her skin until her lips crack? The Rey's are so endearing. I don't want their little family to implode because Robert is in Brazil admiring butts on young girls while Hayley is in a gargantuan house with no furniture, trying to give meaning to her existence.

I had heard about this show, but wasn't sure if it was real either. I actually might try to catch it the next time it's on.

Do you know what happened to the big sister? You never hear about her anymore.

What channel is that on, Danny? I have not been keeping up with the evangelicals in the last decade or two...though I have heard about poor Tammy Faye's health problems...
Isn't it perfect that Jim Bakker is in Branson, Missouri...What better busier place for a fallen Man Of God! OY!
I sure would like to catch an episode or two of Jay Bakker if you were moved to tears each time you saw it...!
A fascinating post, my dear.

It's on the Sundance Channel which is on most cable networks and also available as downloads off of iTunes so you can watch it on your computer or iPod.

Yeah, I noticed that they weren't mentioning the sister at all, at least in the first three episodes. My guess is that she just didn't want to be on TV. I read an interview with Jay Bakker in which he said his sister is practically living with their mom taking care of her during her illness. When they were little I was convinced those bratty kids would come to no good but they sure seemed to have turned their lives around after so much adversity. I give a lot of credit to that to Tammy Faye who, if you can get past her eccentricities, seems like a damn good mom.

What coincidence - I watched Jay's program today for the second time and felt as you do, quite moved, attached already, and impressed. Wow. I had no idea Tammy Faye had become so ill and when she sat in that little cafe, sobbing, she seemed so small and humble that it made it hard to imagine she'd once been the mockery of the media. Even her tell-tale hold onto her unusual makeup was heartbreaking. Great post, Danny.

Isnt Jay Bakker amazing? I have to say I would not have watched it if not for Tammy Faye Bakker going on the Surreal Life. When I saw her pro homosexual attitude I thought WOW if she'll give me the time of day, I'll give her the time of day. I then heard about Jay's new church in Brooklyn over the summer. This show is amazing. You can download the sereies on iTunes and his sermons are posted in the podcast sections as well.

I was bored but I was not a "snotty brat". I just did what my parents told me to do.... ~tsb

How BIZZARRE! To think that a child of such a weird family would go in2 the same career as his folks is astounding indeed. LOVED the 'I Ran in2 Tammy Faye Bakker @ the Mall' shirts, btw. Where can I get one still? :)
So this guy is on the up-&-up, huh? Stranger YET! Since he IS the offspring of such low-down shills like Jim & Tammy Faye, that is.
Remember Oral Roberts & his 900-ft. Jesus sermon? Now THAT's true Xianity THERE! 'I saw a 900 foot tall Jesus & he said he's going 2 take me HOME if U do not gimme yer $!' Praise the Lord! & pass the ammunition.

Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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