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January 08, 2007


You were bored with the cousin who reminded you of your sister?? So sorry!

Remember the time you called me Marcia Brady and I cried? Or was it Jan? Either way, what was wrong with me? I'd kill to be a Brady.

your sister

We grew up watching the Waltons. My father was born and raised just north of the area where Walton's mountain is supposed to be located. He always became nostalgic over the accent of the real John Walton. I wrote a paper about the show for a cult films class last summer and posted it on my blog. Check it out.
Blog greetings by the way,I'm telecommuter talk's brother, Ian

I had no idea there were board games for all of these TV shows. I was really into "The Waltons" and John-Boy. In fact, I just saw John-Boy, er, I mean, Richard Thomas perform in "Twelve Angry Men" here in Boston a few weeks ago.

It's so sad, I watched so much TV as a kid, that I still feel such deep nostalgia for all those shows. EVen though I don't physically collect television show paraphenalia, I store it all up in my brain - where all the math I ever learned should be kept, but has long been forgotten.

Just posted on OCD this morning, I swear I hadn't read this.

But mine was about ... food.

Thanks for reminding me about The Patty Duke GAME!!!!! Where did you GET it??? And Mary Hartman!

I don't think I watched any t.v. between those two shows, except for Star Trek and that was only because my roommates in Champaign yanked me out of my bed at midnight to get addicted, which I did.

Danny, you probably already know this, but another Waltons connection is that Kami Cotler went to Oakwood. She was the grade ahead of Kendall and me. Her younger brother, Jeff, was also an actor, but I can't remember the name of the show(s) he was in.


I'd love to take that Dick Van Dyke Show boardgame off your hands. How much? What else you got?


Did anyone ever hear of the cartoon
Milton the Monster? Well I have that game.

so how do you play the DVD show game? i have been looking for it too. i guess it did not sell many copies, even in the 1960s. i guess it was a loser.

do you have any Dark Shadows memorabilia? I have some Dark Shadows novels.

I am looking for better rules to The Walton's Board game. I tried to play it the other day and I am confused. Does anybody have any suggestions on how it is played with 2 people?

Just want to say how much I enjoy your blog (also want to say that I reread Kendall's 'Autodidact' book this week and it is as good as the previous times!

i also have this game the box is all there but the sides are broke off I think all of the little cards are there but there are peices missing.

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