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January 07, 2007


Bush probably thinks a genie comes out if he rubs hard enough.

What could be more virile than baldness? My grandfather started losing his hair in his late teens, and he was completely bald by the time I came along. Baldness just seems normal to me. I would never rule out the attractiveness of a man because he was bald. Don't let the haters get you down, Danny.

Bald men not attractive? Balderdash! Women love hyoomer, Danny, as you well know. It's not what's on a guy's head that counts, it's what's inside.....

Danny, I think this post is showing you out of touch with today's fashion. No one makes bald jokes anymore. Remember the time we sat in the front row of the comedy club and not one comedian mentioned it! Call it the Michael Jordan influence. Bald is completely normal nowadays. Have you seen Howie Mandel lately? Just like Elvis stole from black culture, it was black men who made baldness sexy again. Rather than hiding their baldness with comb-over, men shave their head on purpose. I see more young guys with bald heads in Hollywood than I do on the geezers at Canter's Deli!

The new male insecurities are having flat abs, enough botox to hide your crow's feet, and -- of course, getting it up. But be proud of you head. One day, maybe George Bush will even kiss it. C'mon, you know you want him to.

(by the way, next time I see you, I'll show you my receding hairline to make you feel better. Like you, I had long hair during my youth and miss it more than any Love Boat reruns)

I love this picture of you. You look great!

I loves me my Tommy whose favorite quip is, "I had wavy hair, now it's waving me good-bye." On my blog I wrote about all of the people who tell him, "You look just like Rudy Guiliani." We both know what they're referring to. Well, Danny, if I can handle all of the pint-size/shrimp jokes, you can take the hair stuff. Personally, I think you're to swoon for.

Pshhht...bald guys less than? No way. Bald guys are hawt.

Yul Brenner has been a major crush of mine all my life. I couldn't care less about hair, and I can't imagine you being you with a full head of it, so please don't grow it. Now, if you could just tell me how to quit obsessing about being white as a bottle of Elmer's glue in a society that, no matter how rampant skin cancer may be, idolizes bronze skin (although Nicole Kidman has come a long way in helping me learn to accept how beautiful THAT can be), I'd appreciate it.

That's "Brynner," not "Brenner." Jeez!

You should know that I was well aware of your baldness when I made you my blog crush.

I'm just sayin...

"Kendall has no issue with my lack of hair" -- Hold on there, Cowboy, you know I most certainly do have an issue with your lack of hair. I LOVE it! Every time I see that bald head of yours I have to immediately kiss it all over and nuzzle it between my... All right, I won't turn your blog into my personal pornography site, but I could not let that wan sentence of yours stand as describing my relationship with your head.

C'mon, Danny. The top of your head might be a wee bit shiny, but it's just an indicator of the glittering treasure that lies below -- in your brain. And that, my friend, is a COMPLIMENT!!!

If you'll remember, I left a comment on acertain blogger's site about how I'm normally attracted to bald men.If I'm out and I see a bald guy from across a room, I automatically think, "That guy's hot." I think it must be leftover from my huge crush on Yul Brynner when I was a kid. West World? Don't get me started.

My last comment about why I'm attracted to bald men is, it really brings out men's eyes. That's the first thing I noticed when I saw your picture to this post.

Your photo here is fabulous!
Isn't it strange how these issues drive us crazy over and over again. Little wheel spin and spin ... and then again.

I gotta agree, Danny, bald is definitely IN. In fact, I noticed a resemblance between you and J.K. Simmons from "the Closer" (only you're much more handsome!). :)

Frankly Danny, I think a man who hits 40 with a full head of hair looks absurd. Check out the November 27, 2006 issue of People Magazine for a full page of their picks for the hottest looking bald men in Hollywood. Make ya feel better?

I started losing hair at 22, and now, 14 years later, I am more or less half bald, with hair like Jack Nicholson in his heyday in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "The Shining." Yes, it sucks big time losing hair, especially when I am still single and trying to find a girl to settle down with. Here in Los Angeles, the Superficial Capital of the World, I have been rejected A LOT by women, many of whom have simply given me crap about my receding hairline. The funny, ironic thing is, that they are NOT 19 or 20 year old girls, but women my age, in their 30s and even THEY aren't exactly supermodels either. However, I try not to let it get me down and when I think of how superficial they must be to reject men for a variety of reasons they can't change (height, age, hairline, etc. etc.), then I actually feel sorry for them because I know they will still be single at 45, when their own looks have faded and they will have no personality to work with. My advice now to my other balding brethren is to not stress out so much. Sure, you can shave your head if you want, even though I feel that is a stock solution and it doesn't necessarily make you as hip or handsome as celebrities like Yul Brynner or Bruce Willis. And YES, if there was a magic pill that would give me back all of my hair, I would definitely take it. However, the older I get, I gradually care less and less. With 18 and 19 year old soldiers coming home from Iraq without arms and legs, I feel very superficial about even giving this any more thought.


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