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December 15, 2006


Me, too. Mazal tov to Leah. I want an autograph.

You said: Not "Did You"…"Jew?"
She said: Lay-ah. Not Lee-ah.

Must be hereditary.

Must oldest daughter, my middle child of three, has "Leah" as her middle name. Lee-ah, not Lay-ah. Do you know what it means? It means "weary." Oh well. We didn't know at the time. We chose Leah just before she was born. We were going to name her Robyn Anna, but we had the good sense to pronounce the two names together out loud and realized what a mistake that would have been.

Hello, Danny.

Ha ha! I've spent my whole life (prior to converting) saying, "It's Lee-uh, not Lay-uh" and now that I'm Jewish I have conversations that go, "I'm Lee-uh." "What?" "Lee-uh" "Lisa?" "Ack. Lay-uh." "Oh, Lay-uh, why didn't you just say it. Good to meat you."

And while I always thought it was weary, my rabbi offered a beautiful interpretation. Leah's eyes were always in question and my rabbi offered that she was non-judgemental and that Leah's take on the quality of non-judging people too early in a relationship.

Congrats Danny! and Leah.

Dear Danny,
Welcome to the world of dress rehearsals in dark, empty theatres; opening nights with your heart pounding louder than the cast; reading reviews with shaky hands; and lining up with everyday folk to crush your very own child -- the one just coming from the spotlight -- to tell her how absolutely marvelous she is. And to mean every single word.
Congrats to Leah and Kendall, too.

That is so exciting: she had the lead!!!

I love how you love her. Every little girl deserves a daddy who adores her like that. And that is why she is so successful. Well done, both of you.

I think I would have been crying through the whole performance Danny, if I had been you..! KVELLING, All The Way, Indeed...!

Oh how I wish I could see Leah in this show...You have to get a Video and bring it up here so I can see her! P-l-e-a-s-e...!

It has to be truly thrilling and even if you have a touch of Mama Rose....well, why not?

I haven't a clue as to who the HUGE Movie Stars are....Email me, please...! If there was a hidden hint there...well, I did not get it...!

I love Leah's Bio, by the way...Very Classy! How many performances will they play all together?

And, last but not least, A Very Happy Hanukkah, to you and Kendall and Leah...well, the first night anyway...!

A hearty congratulations! Right from the heart! I can't imagine anything more exciting, Danny. Send my best wishes to every member of your kvelling family!

[Gee, I am dying to know whose parents belong to those two children whose names you wouldn't mention.]

What a wonderful, heart-swelling happy moment for the holidays.

I have a niece named Leah. She acquired the last name Lahey through marriage. God has a sense of humor.

Well, I guess "the sun'll come out tomorrow"...and the next day and the day after that...

Brava, Leah. It's nice to give your parents so much to kvell about; you can wait a few more years to give them the gray hairs!

And Danny, I'm sure your mom had a cushy box seat, and was sitting with the program in hand, scanning through the names, smiling and saying, "That's my Leah. That's my Danny boy's baby."

A bright and happy Chanukah to you all!

Congratulations, Leah! Try to ignore the advice of your "showbiz" dad.

"Maybe" has always been my favorite song from Annie. I still sing it while I do the dishes.

congratulations to Leah, Danny....and my guess is.... Annette Benning and Warren Beatty?

I have the same guess as Sue. The wonders of modern technology. I am so behind on everything, including reading your blog, but it's always so fun to catch up by reading 3 or 4 of them at a time. I was regretting not being able to see Leah perform, so now I feel mildly appeased to have gotten a glimpse of her performance.

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