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December 23, 2006


Happy Blogversary Danny! I remember finding you when it was Andy Hardy Writes a Blog! Happy holidays and keep up the great (and funny!) writing!

Hi, Danny. Happy anniversary and many more. Don't miss tomorrow's NYTimes article "Jewish in a Winter Wonderland" -- already on the NYT website. It's right up your alley -- celebrating holidays, including Christmas by Jews, a la carte.

BTW, thanks for the backfill on Vera-Ellen. I always wondered why I never saw her in any other film. And I do remember being curious about those turtlenecks and high-necked costumes (so it was a premature turkey neck - aha!). Mostly, though, as a zaftig teen, I thought Vera-Ellen's thinness was, well, to die for. I guess it almost was -- for her. As for robust Rosemary, she looked lush and healthy by comparison.

Danny, I'm so glad I discovered you...without you, I wouldn't know all of the wonderful backstories about the movies I love. No one can teach, touch, and tug at the heart quite like you do. Don't stop.

Danny, that Santa with Leah looks like a lech.

I found your blog while looking up information about the divorce between Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal, and I've been hooked ever since. By the way, I finally got a copy of Joyeux Noel, which you wrote about in an earlier post, and I love it! I've been giving copies as gifts. You also got me hooked on Grey Gardens, and I gave the dvd to a friend who liked it so much she went to NY to see the musical. I hope you're getting a commission for your great salesmanship!

Boy, Leah is going to go far. What a confident kid! Good for her!

I've been an on and off lurker for a while. I love your blog and I'm a sucker for all the old movie nostalgia stuff.

Happy blog anniversary and have a tolerable holiday.

Wow, Danny I've evidentally been reading here for over a year since I remember last year's Christmas ranting, which was less ranting than MY last year's really big rant or two. I didn't really rant either this year. I think it might be the weather here on the east coast. It's been so warm it really doesn't even feel like Christmas eve. It's more like Sukkot weather.

I absolutely LOVE White Christmas. I'm a huge Danny Kaye fan, and for me, he makes the movie. I never knew that about Vera Lynn, but it makes sense, as she is so thin in that movie. Sad. And Rosemary Clooney, such a lovely voice and such a sad life. My mother was also at the Ambassador that night and I don't think she ever recovered either.

Anyhow, Have a wonder bloganniversary and a Hippy New Year.

Happy Anniversary Danny. Here at the Katfarm we always enjoy Jew Eat Yet. Let us know if you are ever bound for ATL and we'll fix you a nice meal.

Remember the old days in Hollywood when Jews regularly changed their names to Samuel Goldwyn, John Garfield, and Edward G. Robinson. Is it wonderful that we are celebrating the two year anniversary of a blog now named "Jew Eat Yet?" (If "Andy Hardy" was a weird title, this one raises the bar)

But Danny Miller -- that doesn't sound very Jewish, does it? Shouldn't it be Daniel Millerosky?

Not all the brats give laundry lists. I don't just generally go for "in-person" Santa visits (meaning, I don't seek them out for my son, 6), but there have been a couple of times when he's "petitioned" Santa in person, by happenstance (& other people).

This year was one of those. He asked for exactly one thing. This year, he happened to get that one thing (because it was a good thing, and an appropriate thing in terms of a demonstrated interest and passion AND it is healthy over the long haul, as well as fun). He did get a few other things, though by the standards of his friends and relatives, I suppose it was a poor "Santa" haul.

Two years ago, the last time he petitioned Santa "in person," he asked for three things, specifically, one of which he got (along with a couple of things he did not request, but turned out to be "just right" over the haul-longer-than-Christmas-morn).

The point here is not to bore you, but rather to say that there are other ways to do things, and some other people really do them that way. My family is not unique; it's just not a stand-out.

Congrats, Danny! I am close behind you with a blogaversary! Just the other day I was thinking I wouldn't mind sitting on Santa's lap, because I have never done that before! and then remembered ... I'm 57.

Merry Christmas you old Jewish Grinch!

Happy Anniversary to you. I have loved reading your blog. I think I linked here from someone else's blog, but I don't remember whose. You are a fountain of knowledge, and I so love the way you write.

I'm looking forward to the post you write one day about Danny Kaye's troubles. He is one of my childhood favorites, and I really miss him.

Congrats on the second anniversary of your blog, Danny. I have been reading it only since my birthday, which is also yours. Your erudition is astounding, and you are a wonderful writer. It's always lovely to visit here.

Over 300,000 hits? That's very impressive. Now stop your kvetching and be a good boy.

I think you would enjoy this site, if you haven't seen it already. Photos of children terrified of Santa:,0,2245506.photogallery

No offense, Danny, but Leah's waaaay cooler than you.

Why does that Santa look like a fugitive from a Temple??? Or is it just me? Maybe because The Grove is so near Canter's...(lol)...
A VeryHappy Anniversary Danny...and many more to come! And CONGRATULATIONS!
I happen to LOVE the film "Holiday Inn" and never liked "white Christmas"..."WC" seemed rather a mess to me in comparison to "Holiday Inn"....and also, maybe because "HI" was in Black & White, it has something that I can't quite put my finger on...! And I LOVED all the songs in it and the whole idea that the place was redecorated with each Holiday...!
Vera Ellen took Betty's dance class back in the early to mid 60's and her neck was pretty covered up then, was B.G. who first mentioned the anorexia to me, too! Poor soul...the horrors of a career in Hollywood...!

BTW: I read your piece on "DREAMGIRLS" in The Huffington Post....GREAT article Danny, my dear...I remember when I saw "DREAMGIRLS" back in the early 80's...somone I know said---when describing Jennifer Holday's performance of "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going..." she said...."She all but shit's on the stage!"
(lol)..funny, but true! That was a performance that was quite extrordinaty...I haven't seen the film yet...(you know my situation)...but I would dearly LOVE to...!
Sorry to digress here Danny, but I wanted to say how much I liked your post about this film.

Thanks for the great commentary on White Christmas. I watched it for the first time myself this year. I thought Vera-Ellen looked very thin for the times. Rosemary Clooney is wonderful.

I happened to catch [most, but not all of] "White Christmas" for the first time (from the point where the girls are performing the sisters number for the guys in a nightclub of some kind, and then I missed a bit and picked back up when they were on the train) while in a hotel on Christmas Day. I spent the whole time glad I'd read about the backstory, wracking my brain to try to remember WHERE I'd read about it, and wondering how anyone other than Danny Kaye could have done that role. It would have been quite different with Fred Astaire. I visited your blog today and realized, "Oh, THIS is where I read it!" I enjoy your blog enormously, as well as several of your published articles I've read through your links on this page.

Vera Ellen's story is tragic. I knew most of it, but I didn't know about the reason behind the high collars in her costumes. (I did notice that, though -- I've seen the movie eight zillion times.) She's always been my favourite movie musical dancer, because of that scene in the first act of White Christmas where she and Danny Kaye dance on the "marina" in Florida. Oh, and in the number, "Mandy," where they lower her to the floor and she taps a mile a nanosecond. She inspired me to take tap dancing. She's absof**kingloutely fantastic.

Happy blog-iversary! And Happy birthday Leah!

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