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December 12, 2006


I think that lying around and watching good movies/television is plenty of accomplishment for a sick person! I hope you feel better soon.

Hope you're feeling better. Don't even bother trying to learn Italian at your age. I tried, really tried, but the brain doesn't learn languages over the age of 40. Maybe 20.

And a word from one who made this mistake. Stay away from any cough medicines that have initials after them, like Robitussin DM, unless you liked those dreams, that is.


Danny, have you ever seen 'Miracle Mile' with Anthony Edwards? I saw it for the first time back in...oh, 1990 or so, and it's given me a steady diet of horrifying nuclear-attack-and-no-one-knows nightmares ever since.

Not only have I seen "Miracle Mile" but I think of it practically every day when I pass by the building (on Wilshire just east of Fairfax) from which Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham "escape" the nuclear bomb. They make their way to the roof of this tall building and get picked up by a helicopter at the last minute—which of course would completely clear the nearby atomic blast, no?

Man, I love that movie. But everyone I show it to hates it.

Maybe it's because I love Tangerine Dream scores, but the movie's always been a favorite of mine. Hits me like a good nightmare.

Hey Danny, enjoy the rest. Yikes! I would give anything to lay in bed, watch television all day and be pampered by loved ones - so do it for me! When I was a child our family doctor always made us lie in bed one extra day even when we got better - just to make sure ... and he did house calls: Dr. Morely-Smith. He was tall with a big mustache and tartan plaid waist coat. I wish I could send him to you. He was fun! Big, deep voice and British accent.

Danny, I knew I could count on you to say something about the "That Girl" marathon...I watched bits and pieces of it too, as it was my favorite show as a young girl, wanting so badly to BE Ann Marie. (I even posted about it last Mother's day). She most certainly paved the way for Mary Richard's, and I don't think I've ever heard that acknowledged. Anyhoo...hope you are feeling better!

Hope you're feeling better, although even from your sickbed, your writing is as witty as ever. Oh, and a note: the Gentiles in the family into which I was born play a different variation on that game, which is, "I've NEVER been as sick as YOU were that time. You know, the time we had to give up our one and only chance to [fill in the blank here] because of you?"

Susie pregnant with triplets? This is a time for miracles, right?
Hope you're feeling better, Danny. Did you get a bissel chicken soup?

Ahhhh such memories! You really got a major dose of TV Movies and "That Girl" too!
I saw that interview with Betty Hutton back in 2000 and when it was repeated just recently...She was so touching, wasn't she? So grateful to Bob Osborne and genuinely so...Oh Show sure can eat you up and spit you out!
And perhaps those dreams were NyQuill inspired...they sound more like semi nightmares to me, Danny. Hope you are recovering nicely, my dear...!

If you want a heart-warming story while you're recuperating, I suggest On Borrowed Time with Lionel Barrymore, Sir Cedric Hardwick, and Bobs Watson. It's about a cantankerous old guy who postpones death (Cedric Hardwick) by trapping him in a tree.

Hope you feel better soon!

I had the same flu, the same cough, and spent the weekend watching the same That Girl marathon. I even saw reruns - or rather I managed to catch the episode where Ann goes to work in Donald's office - twice. Unfortunately the flu medicine knocked me out and I still don't know how it ended. Did you happened to see it? Cause the suspense is killing me.

Oy, of course I saw that episode. Donald feels totally stifled with Ann there and after she sends out an uncorrected story of his, he fires her! But of course they make up in the last 30 seconds. My favorite was the two-parter shot in Las Vegas with Jack Cassidy as a sleazy actor who plays a practical joke on Ann and Donald by making them believe that Donald married a Vegas showgirl during a drunken escapade the night before. When Ann finds out about the ruse, she makes Cassidy believe that she killed herself over it by jumping into the Hoover Dam. Yikes! Or did I hallucinate that ending because of the Nyquil?

Oh how I love thee Nyquil. Thanks for filling me in on the ending. Now I can sleep tonight...or maybe that's the Nyquil too.

Singin'...glad to have a friend like...fair and fun and skipping freeeeeee....

A friend like YOU. Go Nyquil!

DUUDE DANNY! U ROK! THE WHOLE marlo THANG BABY... IS hot HOT and guess wut? u be a cute fukkah!

c ya write back if u wish guy!

j a i r ( Jaime in English!) Laaaaaaate bro'!

btw my b/f got me the two seasons DVD's thus......! even tho i did see the tv land thang in SF while visiting!

laaaate babydoll!!

This weekend Decades is running a "That Girl" binge. I was in high school when Marlo Thomas and Ted Bessell were the perfect couple. I loved them.

Marlo's clothes were classic, great style. I would love to see those clothes on the rack today.

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