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December 06, 2006


Danny, this is a remarkable post on so many levels including mentoring, writing, where we were in our writing years ago, where YOU were in your writing years ago, it's a small world ... on and on ... Gee, i miss you as my editor on so many levels ...

I especially adore the piece you conclude with.

Danny, yes, this is a great piece. Through your writing you look back at where you stood at a certain time in your life and recognize just how far you have come in some 30 years.

I was always a poet, not as much a story-writer. My early poetry was often sad, dealing with teen angst, or the Holocaust. My poetry today primarily still deals with the Holocaust, and other sad topics. Guess I haven't come that far, after all...

WriteGirl sounds like a wonderful group of people who leave lasting, story-worthy impressions!


This post is awesome, I love your early work! :)

Thanks again for coming to the event, it was great to have you, and I cant' wait to see you guys again SOON this time!

xoxo Sara

How could I not love this post? I think your poems and script are awesome. Why haven't you been scooped up yet for TV and movies? It's a shonda.
Much love,


I loved your post. Thank you for including the piece "One Atom". It reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time "King of Hearts". It is an old movie from the 1960's that gives us a new perspective on "craziness". If you haven't seen it, it is a must see.

Danny, this is a great post, but what touches me most, is the fact that you would take your daughter to such an event, and spend this kind of time with her. Being that my dad died when I was 10, I am very moved by the fact that you have such a close relationship with let me just are awesome!

Fabulous, Danny. I am familiar with that wonderful program...I know someone else involved, too....It does make you wonder if each of us had had a mentor, what difference would that have made?
I loved your limericks! LOL! Richard Nixon and his "chicks"...Priceless! But a good rhyme!

Danny, I love the Brady Bunch script!

Mrs Bjorklund was my favorite teacher at Von. She was one of the few teachers who actually believed in me.

wow i googled myself and am sooo pleased that people are actually reading my work its amazing to think that u guys think highly of some silly thoughts ive had... i appreciate it so much

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