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December 21, 2006



I'm so glad that I was able to twist your virtual arm and you joined in our Hanukah fun! And, funny, I have those same three books on my shelf.



Uh, can I ask for one of those Hanukkah gifts now?

And I love latkes, but comparing them to hammentaschen is like comparing the wine you get a Trader Joe's for three dollars to some fine French wine.

Wow, Danny. Reading this made me feel so ignorant about the culture of Hanukkah, excepting from an Israeli point of view. For example, sufganyot are my most favorite - not latkes and certainly not "oznei haman." And I have never played "dreidel." For me, though, I sing my songs in Hebrew about sevivonim with the words, "nes gadol haya poh," not "sham." Am I still in Israel in my heart? The favorite book of the year that I asked for was "God Delusion" by Dawkins (which I am really hoping I receive for Christmas!) ... ahem, not really appropriate for this Meme I think.

So, thank goodness you didn't tag me and I was not identified as a suitable Jewish blogger or invited to do this meme ... although recently I discovered that I am connected to a direct track back to 1715, of a long line of the Chief Rabbis of Rhodes Island, Greece. Ho hum. I guess I just never will belong, eh? or do I choose to belong to it all?

But I surely loved reading your post!

What do you mean, Tamar, I did tag you, check again! You're one of the most "suitable Jewish bloggers" I know...even if you are an atheist!

No, you are one of the cool kids! Thanks a million. Your answers were wonderful!

Hi Danny,

Consider me tagged:


Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Woe to those who must follow you -- and that includes me!
Love all of your posts, and this one is a classic.


Hmmm,YOU a right-wing vigilante? Could any former Heinemann employee ever become such a thing? But welcome to the world of memes (or, as I think of them, adult slam books). My book group is reading The Bread Givers this month, so I'm glad to see it show up here, and then we're going into New York in February to tour the Tenement Museum. Want to join us?

Danny, I'm so flattered...of all the Jews you could choose, you chose me? (afterall, I'm no Neil Kramer). Does this mean "you like me, you really like me?"!
Well, I won't even try to complete with your thoughtful answers, but I will just say this: Latkes should be simple. Never use sweet potatoes. That's like using carob intstead of Chocolate (blech!). Of course, please don't tell anyone, but I make them from the box. (and they all disappeared quickly at our hanukah party).

This was superb, Danny... and, as always funny and dear..Thank you for the tag...I have no answers to any of these questions...HA HA! But, I do want to tell you this: Both my Grandmother and my Mother made the classic latkes with BUTTER....OIL, never saw the inside of our least not that I can remember...And these latkes were fantastic...mouth watering...UNBELIEVABLY great!
My Grandmother & Mother's hammentachennn(Forget the spelling, please), were always the best I've ever tasted anywhere and most of them were delicate Poppy Seed...Help Me Oh Lord I'm In Hog Heaven!

BTW: This "famous" Birthday dinner that we will have one day before the year is out, I hope..and before I turn 76....I would love to taste your "Latkes" , oil and all! Could that be on the Menu?

Happy Happy Hanukah, Dear Danny And Kendall.....

Danny, thanks for adding my name to your "would tag" bunch. I won't address the meme except to say, "Don't hate me. But I think I'm more of a hamantaschen lover myself...when it's made with cookie dough and preferably nut-filled." However, I did make a very yummy potato-feta-cheese batch of latkes a few years ago.

Thank you, too, for bringing my attention to writer Anzia Yezierska -- her life and writing sound most interesting and definitely worth checking out.

I just stumbled across your blog. It is good to have an antidote to too much Christmas blogging. My part Jewish (me, spouse and kids), atheist (dad) and Christian (step-mom) family had latkes for dinner last night.
I'll check out more on your blog in the future.
Thanks for the anti-Xmas cheer.

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