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December 27, 2006


Gosh, Danny, do you keep a just-in-case obituary file like the New York Times? Damn, that was fast work. Yeah, thanks for reminding how a bunch of us were really into the Watergate hearings -- especially, I think, you, Jo Chien, Helena and Shari. I remember doing a shadow drawing of John Erlichman for art class. I'm sure it was his eyebrows that made me think his likeness would be easy to capture. God, were we proto-nerds, or what?

Wow - very interesting reference to G.W. Bush and Ford there at the end. I was just thinking when I heard about Ford's death, about the similar notions I had about each of them as they took office. I had thought of them both as pretty benign dufuses (dufi?), having very little experience with Ford (other than Chevy Chase and others lampooning him) and next to his father's plots and machinations (from the CIA onwards), G.W. seemed as harmless as electing Jethro Bodine.

Then Ford handled his presidency with quiet dignity and good humor, knowing that his pardon of Nixon would guarantee him a lame-duck presidency, just grinned and bore it. While G.W. Bush handled his crises.... well, like Jethro Bodine.

Yeah, I've become a Ford fan of sorts the last few years too, but the years haven't mellowed me on Reagan or any of the Bush generations.

Excellent post. I was obsessed with reading about the Manson gang when I was a kid, so I remember clearly the first shooting attempt.

The only other real memory of Gerald Ford I have, is having his name on my President's Physical Fitness award I got in junior high.

Wonderful post.

I think the softening of opinions of both Ford and Reagan probably have more to do with the type of politicians they were.

While steadfast in their conservative beliefs, they were, for the most part, politicians who fought the good fight, then shared a drink with whoever lost the battle.

Times have changed. Many politicians demonize their opponents so much so that there can be no personal relationships and I believe, in the end, the country suffers.

I would argue that the beginning of this strong partisan bickering began with Reagan, but it was really fine tuned by Lee Atwater and Karl Rove. And this makes me doubt we'll ever see the likes of a President Ford again.

Jimmy Carter, today, also called Ford " of the most admirable public servants and human beings I have ever known."

I would have to agree. He will be truly missed.

I can't believe I had completely forgotten about the assasination attempts. Good grief.

Nice obit.

hi danny, so good to see Gerald Ford remembered this way. Jo and I would bike to Sauganash Park every morning at 7 am and play tennis for an hour and then bike home in time to watch the Watergate hearings. I share Ford's birthday so as a teenager I felt a particular affinity with him. I was so saddened by his death--I think perhaps because it represents the final death knell for what those years were to us and how different the world is now. His kindness and fairness are no where else to be seen.

I wondered, too, how the passage of time would color our feelings about GW. I think he will be one of those presidents whose image continues to tarnish as time goes by with ever deepening revelations about what really went on during his presidency.

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