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December 18, 2006


OHMYGOD!! I am kvelling and I am crying my head off. Leah...that was so good and so amazing! How did you get so talented and fearless? Great job!!!!!! I wish I saw the whole thing!


Omigod redux! Danny, she's fantastic! Who knew? I don't ever remember you singing back in school (were you told to lip-sync by Mrs Seidman?). Wow is right, what a voice -- not unlike "Little Voice" (great film). Congratulations to Leah and to you, proud Dad. Will you still talk to all of us when she's famous? (Just keep her away from the likes of Lindsay Lohan.)

Is that Broadway calling? My question is interesting, because, of all things, I had a dream the other night that I ran into you while I was walking down Broadway.

She was great! So sorry I missed it. You know what joy YaDa brings me!

SO made me stick up my chin and grin. Thanks.

Beautiful performance! I would be dying if I were her parent.

HOLY Smokes Danny...Leah is amazing...her rendition of Tomorrow is rival to any broadway star...Congrats to Leah (and you, of course, the proud daddy!)

Mazel Tov! Nice pipes there!

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