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November 10, 2006


I know the war's depressing

The dead are unburied
The stores are unharried

And the windows are minus the glass

The children are thin
These damn Sunnis won't grin

And I've heard some terrible quotes
No fear, no money, no votes!

But we'll get a New War for Christmas this year!

The Daisy Cutters are frighting of falling
And oh, what a fix
No target sticks!

And all through the land the folks are crawling

And filled with despair
'Cause cupboards are bare

But the CIA has got brand new villians
There's nothing to fear!
They're bringing a New War for Christmas
This year!

The nukes that Amenijihad promised...

Are finally here!

We're getting a New War for Christmas
This year!

After that first comment, I'm quite intimidated!! All I can say is, brilliant post Danny (and good history lesson) ...many good thoughts to Leah in her upcoming production next month! I'm sure you're quite proud. cheers, JP

Oh my. You've not only restated everything I want to say about the recent Democratic victory, but you've done in a way that let's me be nostalgic and remember my experience seeing "Annie" here in Seattle in 1982.

(Not to mention getting me wondering what it would be like to see my 10YO practicing that part).

Well done!

-- f

I don't have much to say on the election stuff, except that, as exciting as it is, I simply never get that excited anymore... they've all found ways to disappoint.
But Annie I can talk about. Andrea McArdle is a year and a half older than me, and I grew up in north New Jersey, twenty minutes from Manhattan. AND I was a singing/actress-y girl. Although I never saw the show on Broadway, I knew all the music. I didn't even have the album; my friends would just sing it to each other. We were such musical geeks; so unencumbered by that geekiness. But the point is, I was always aware of the Annies. Shelley Bruce was from right nearby; Sarah Jessica Parker is my exact age (I've been aware of her ever since). Annie was just something I've always identified with, weirdly, as a peer. It is amazing to read of someone else who is so completely on top of this show's history!
I wish I could come see your daughter in this. She must have a lot of talent... Danny Zuko, Conrad, and Bill Sykes???
(And the big screen version is a train wreck, but, like the proverbial train wreck, you can't take your eyes off it. Easy Street is like Rocky Horror redeux.)

Wonderful post Danny...I wish I could see Leah in this production..But, know the way things are it is not possible...but I bet she is going to be great, great, great!

I remember seeing Andrea McArdle in a tv production as a young Judy Garland. I can still hear her belt out "Poor Johnny One Note". Wow!

I am so envious of Leah's opportunity to star as Annie. I wish that my trip to Los Angeles would coincide with her performance! (It's not until February, sadly.) I got the Original Broadway Cast Recording for Christmas when I was 7. I went on to win second prize for singing "Tomorrow" in my school's talent show that year (a performance which I reprised in the middle of my relatives' dining room table on Easter). However, I was never brave enough or talented enough to try out for actual theater.

Also, the outcome of the elections is like an amazing dream from which I never want to wake up. Hurray! Just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow of the past 6 years.

How do you do that?! How do you go from the front pages to the comic strips to your kid, to your memories, back to the front pages, and make it make sense?!

Damn you.

Mindy... and Zing Went the Strings.

I know the traditional show biz wish is: "Break a leg," but there's no way this Jewish mother can offer it to your daughter without imagining a cast and an ER visit. Quick, Danny, think of something more appropriate that I can send Leah before the curtains part.

Sure hope we're getting a meaninful New Deal; not sure now that the economy is so global. Congratulations! I wish you all a great time with "Annie"! Last winter my 13-yr. old son was devastated not to get Warbucks. There was method in the director's madness: kid has been acting since age 5, he is a superb dancer and singer (lessons make us poor), a really big boy for his age, and has great comic timing. The director had no competent boy dancers and wanted a boy big enough to pick up Annie and swing her around in several scenes. He also needed a policeman who was imposing and could do a good accent, so instead my kid was cast as Drake, Lt. Ward, AND a dancer in ensemble scenes. The day before opening night (opening night was his birthday), clever kid allegedly pulled a computer prank at school and immediately got suspended for a few days while the "infraction" was being investigated. Those days corresponded to show dates! Not allowed to come to school during those dsys, he therefore couldn't perform after four months of dedicated rehearsing! So who was tapped for the parts at the last minute? The school principal who suspended him played a boring, non-dancing Drake, wearing the very tux pants, tux shirt, and tail coat I had paintstakenly found for my son! And the policeman was the school's own actual security guard, wearing my kid's genuine police coat and pants which I had bought on eBay! Talk about political irony and personal heartache. Though my son was banned from setting foot on campus, his girlfriend, brother and I went to the show anyway just to show support. (Besides, I had volunteered countless hours, too.) The unrehearsed Drake and Lt. Ward SUCKED (just a little schadenfreude on my part), and kid was exonerated for the crime, but much too late. Certainly a hard way for a kid to learn a lesson, but sometimes that's what they need.

Hey, I love the 1982 version of Annie! One of my favorite movies. Carol Burnett, in my opinion, played the BEST Miss Hannigan and no one can replace Tim Curry as Rooster in my heart. But I agree that Aileen Quinn's Annie was far too sugary-sweet and made me sick at times.
I'll have to take the opportunity sometime to compare it to the 1999 film, tho it will be hard for me to watch other actors take the place of the originals.

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