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November 29, 2006


Danny, thanks for the review and all the background info. I love this movie!

Gawd, I loved Nashville.

Short Cuts is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think that I did see Nashville, but it was a long time ago. I am planning to check out from the library as much Altman as possible to watch during my winter break.

Sheesh, yet another parallel universe moment. I also saw "Nashville" at the Esquire, although to be honest, I have no recollection of how early in the run it was.

I've been an Altman fan since "M.A.S.H." (which is my version of "Nashville", one of my top five movies of all time), but I was always more a fan of the man than his movies. His battles with the studio when doing "M.A.S.H" fascinate me to this day.

Creatively, I've always thought Altman to be the Grand Poobah of Pacing. There are always things happening faster than you think you can follow them, only to come together magically at the end.

(Tangent alert)It occurs to me that if you cross Altman with Peckinpah creatively, you get Tarantino, Altman with Coppola you get Scorsese, and Altman with any-Jewish-child-laden-with-guilt, you get Woody Allen. In short, I think he influenced the pace and complexity of movies for at least the last two generations.


Time to collect these into a book! Such rich, detailed information mixed with your personal perspective - I just love your reviews!


Well, I couldn't let this go by without a comment. I have been waiting a long time for you to write this post. I'm sorry it took Robert Altman's death to make it happen, but this is a great tribute to him and the movie. I had to laugh out loud when you admitted to being "a little" obsessed with Ronee Blakley. I'm proud to be one of the two people (I'm sure there's more) who read the whole post with fascination and who share in your love of this movie. I still use it as a test for anyone I am considering dating (maybe this is why I'm still single?).

I watched it once on cable when I was about 17, a couple of years after it came out. Your review makes me want to check it out again. Thanks. I, on the other hand, ruminate about "Point Break" with my latest movie review. I'm much better at reviewing stupid films.

hi danny-I saw The Wedding in opera form at the Lyric a few years Robert Altman's art survives in other forms also...sue

i saw your post on the Ronee Blakley group & came to read your piece...WOW!!!

a beautiful, loving & moving tribute!
thank you for sharing!

Danny, I just stumbled across your blog and had to write to thank you for the "Nashville" analysis, and your words about Ronee. I, too, am more or less obsessed with her work, and was delighted to find her MySpace page today. She has four of her songs posted there, including two new ones.

I've never been able to decide whether "Nashville" is my favorite film or "Three Women". I can watch either of them repeatedly, so I guess it's a moot point. Anyway, it's always great to find like-minded souls.


Hi Danny,

Man, I just love reading your blog! I haven't seen "Nashville" in years, but it's now in my Netflix cue. Thanks for sharing!

Upon reading this review, I was inclined to flip through my most recent DVD and Video Guide to find all of Altman's movies. As a major movie buff, I was ashamed to find out that I hadn't seen any of them! Not even the more recent ones such as Dr. T and the Women and Prairie Home Companion. My fiance keeps urging me to watch Popeye (one of his favorite movies) but one glance at the cover told me that I would be very iffy about it. Now, however, I must at least see Nashville. It sounds like a very good movie! And I have been wanting to see Prairie Home Companion for some time...
Thank you for this review!

Boy, I can relate. Loved Nashville, saw it many times, bought and played Ronee's LPs a bunch. I even stopped at the Parthenon when I was driving across the country. Recently bought a USB turntable to digitize my hard-to-find vinyl, and Ronee's was the first album I chose (attachment is the cause of all sorrow, you know).

Glad I found out about the making-of book. I put it on reserve at the library.

I am late to this post, but I had to offer my complete agreement with every word you wrote here. "Nashville" is a great film...I first saw it as a freshman at the University of Iowa in November of 1975. I had read a good deal about it over the summer, so I was primed ad a little apprehensive lest it was a disppointment. After the lights went down, I was completely transfixed, and smiled through all 168 minutes.....Probably the most exhilarated I have ever been by a film. That night I rounded up 6 of my friends who went with me to see it again. We stayed up ALL NIGHT discussing it.
Thank you Danny, I hope to hear more from you.

I've been a resident of Nashville for 16 years, but haven't seen a frame of the movie. Need to Netflix it, from everything I'm reading online tonight.

I haven't seen the the film either however I'm inclined to now. I wonder if anyone in my family has seen it? That's a dinner table question. :)

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